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At my sister's recommendation, I asked for a SAD lamp for Xmas, and got it. Since today was a particularly bad one for general inertia and lack of interest in anything I'd normally find interesting, I tried it out, while pulling out the box of Lego that I'd been staring at aimlessly and occasionally shuffling for weeks.
SAD works. I have been down the "to-do" list, Doing. And so, I now have two playable HOTT armies and a stronghold, in 40mm frontage, made from Lego minifigs. I have photographed them, and the part-armies in progress, and arranged suitable storage for them. Time to document them.

This all started when I saw some minifigs on Biggleswade market, and did a double take. OK, the hair was blonde not red, but armour, sword, blue clothing, star on forehead..... I had to have her. Then I wanted to give her red hair, so started looking at Ebay for minifigs, and realised just how many there were out there. One who was the spitting image of Vega Goldbreath, to start with. A Celtic warrior woman - again, no red hair, but that could be altered. I started bidding..... I visited the Lego shop in MK, I shuffled bits...

So, here's the result. A Flickr set of photos, with detailed explanation in each one.

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But proof if it were needed that while I've improved, I'm nowhere near right yet.
We drove up to Coventry for the HOTT GBnU tournament: theme, children's books, films, etc. I had my Ivor the Engine army, Dave took his Stingray matched pair.
Managed to forget the rule books, the cheat sheets, and the measuring sticks :( There were road works in the last mile meaning diversions, and I don't know if it was stress or blood sugar, but I had shaky hands so bad I could barely set up the figures by the time we got there.
Three games, all fun, marred by terrible dice, an army that was designed to be true to the source rather than winning ability, and severe fuzzy-headedness leading to some really stupid mistakes. I didn't get the prize for loser, Dave did (out of 16 players), but it was close.

In happier news, Sue Barker was there, and we'd been discussing me acquiring one of her armies - 6mm Amazons. I hadn't been all that bothered (don't do 6mm) until I saw them and realised that she'd painted the lot with red hair, and I was looking at about 40 points-worth of Vingans. A lot of other "spare" 6mm had red cloaks.... they'll need a few details modifying, but basically I now have a Gloranthan matched pair in 6mm, to go with the ones in 25mm, the ones in 10mm, and the almost-there ones in Lego Minifigs.

Also, the library venue had, as last year, a lot of books for sale at 20p each. Well, it's only right to support them, isn't it? Good job we'd taken the big car....

Dave drove both ways, and despite the event finishing at 3, I was asleep for a lot of the journey home. Tired and headachey today.

I may have a Cunning Plan for dealing with the sleepiness. My brilliant pharmacist niece suggests that if I take them at bedtime rather than during the day, the anti-depressant effect will still work, as it's long-term, but the drowsiness is shorter-term, and will simply help me sleep. So I'm trying that tonight;
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Still looking, planning, picking up cheap ones, but one thing has me puzzled. Look at the pictures of them with sword/spear and shield. They're mostly holding the shield in their right hand, weapon in the left. Why?

I'm also noticing that the cloaks, now I have a few, are simple pieces of paper/plastic/stiffened fabric, in quite a simple shape. I'll have to pick the material carefully, but I should be able to make those myself. Shield "transfers", for the Lunars, are on order - a pack of 13mm circular paper stickers, in red.

Just need some more red hair and a flying stand to turn up in the post.... Orlanthi and Lunar armies sorted, Undead well on the way, Praxian, Mostali and Troll got the first few...
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I'm using a nice simple variant on Kallyr's Orlanthi this time: hero-general, paladin (in case the other side have a magician), two flyers, six warband. It copes with most things.
Last game today, my opponent came up with something I'm told is from Doctor Who, involving angels. I know nothing of the background, but this meant two lots of flyer, Aerial Hero, flyer, with one of those two being the general. A beast and a couple of lurkers completed the army, and the world was full of Bad Going.
So, only my fliers, hero general and paladin can make contact with the bulk of the enemy. Four units. The warband are effectively useless. Oh, joy.
I started moving four of the warband in the vague direction of the enemy stronghold, expecting them to get ambushed by an aerial group on the way (and an Aerial Hero will make short work of them). The other two stayed back to cover the flanks of general and paladin, and the fliers went off to try to break up the big aerial groups.
The fliers broke up the groups, and died. Down to only two elements who can contact the enemy, and they can't catch up with them... one AH hit my warband and took out the flank cover. Six points down...
But thanks to movement points, the warband made it through to the stronghold and mounted a convincing if underpowered attack. One lot of aerials turned back to intercept them, and stalled. Abandoning their warband escort, Kallyr and Elmandanti (sp?) Bluespruce charged the stalled aerial group that included their general - and won! I still needed to kill one more point than they had to win the battle, but they now had no general,and needed an extra pip for each movement. The warband abandoned the stronghold to back the Beast into the edge of the board and kill it, Kallyr moved in on the second aerial hero. Job done. 

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Had my hair done - roots are no longer grey.
Picked up new glasses, and yay! I can haz close vision again!
Toddled around town centre getting useful exercise and establishing what WW goodies are on offer in the local cheap shops. Acquired some very cheap LED lights for potential modelling use, and some vacuum bags for packing the summer wardrobe away.
Went to Matalan, found that they no longer have a "plus size" clothes area, will therefore probably never go back there again.
Back to town centre, visited "Yours", acquired two new pairs of Jeans Wot Fit as sold by two happy and helpful ladies who wear the clothes sold in their own shop, and look good in them.
Blatted a pile of paperwork (recycle bin will not go hungry today).
Two loads of laundry.

Those armies?
The Zola Fel one has had the last details added to the stronghold (mooring lines for the Temple Barge, reeds at the water's edge), and had the final texturing added to all bases. I've found a box that all the figures will go in, I've found the river terrain, and all that's left is to finalise the army list.

Dragon-newts - painting complete, basing complete, just letting the basing compound dry before I add a bit of flock and some static grass. There was mild panic when I realised that the wonderful model I'd got for the Stronghold was rather larger than the maximum size for 40mm, but I've found a "spare" that will fit the theme rather nicely. I've got the base rocks for the Black Dragon done in a paint called "granite" that's a semi-metallic black, and I did some Mysterious Stones a while back in the same colour. I've got a box for the main army, and Dave's found me a way of transporting the Dragon as well.

Need to write up army lists, but I think we're there!
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Painting of Treebeard (an ancient Giant figure) to add to the Trees army isn't going too well. Maybe I should try dong it when I'm awake and thinking straight, but at the moment, the colours aren't giving the effect I want, the brush keeps slipping, and it just isn't working. I'm also looking at the detail of the figure, and wondering whether things like the boots are really a good idea. Maybe I'll abandon this one, and pick something different. Might even scratch-build a Tree, I've done that before.

Spiders of Mirkwood, as of this morning, have all the textured bases done and drying, including the tree armatures for the Lurkers . I'll add webs to them (black thread and varnish, I think), glue the spider models on the other bases, then go round dry-brushing and flocking where needed. 

The basing compound, as usual, I made myself. Wood glue mixed with old poster paint to get the colour (browny-black), then mixed with a lot of No More Cracks (polyfilla equivalent). Got all the bases covered, wondered what I could usefully do with the spare, then realised I hadn't even started thinking about the stronghold. The remaining basing compound would become unusable in a few minutes.... this is a hordes-based army... grabbed the stronghold from the Chess army for a quick size check, compared with the Very Useful Box I'd planned on using for the army as a whole, and cut out a bit more of the mounting board I'd used to make the bases, a centimetre under the perfect Hordes stronghold (which leaves deployment space for 1 rank in front of itself, and means future recycled Hordes start as far forward as possible), A few ready-made trees came from the Stash, super-glued on to the base, and the remaining basing compound just covered it nicely.  Visiting it later, though, I see I've run into a repeat of an old problem with strongholds - the card warped under the slight dampness of the basing compound :(  At least I'd caught it before it dried, and I've clamped a plastic ruler over the top and down onto a bit of wood. It'll dry flat, though whether it also dries with a plastic ruler irretrievably stuck to the scenery remains to be seen. I may have to prune the trees a bit to get the stronghold into the required box, too.

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Crafting update"

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Cooking - I did indeed make bean pickle, and very nice it is too. Using sweetener instead of sugar, the only WW points in there are from the tablespoon of cornflour and the mustard powder, so in sensible quantities, it's zero.

New skirt got the pocket fitted, and it got worn. Crafting time was cut down somewhat yesterday - I got a lift into work with Dave. He works 6 to 6, so that's a very long day for me even before we add in a visit to Hobbycraft (paints and Very Useful Boxes) and a pizza out.

Work was good. Attended a very productive meeting, caught up with people, got to know a new task management package, diagnosed and fixed a bug, did an on-line training course that had slipped my memory, and proved that yes, I can cope with normal office life (though next time, I'll be taking in some aids to carrying takeaway lunch while one hand is occupied by a stick).

Today - latest step forwards is driving the "big" car (the Clio) rather than the little one. Only to Sainsbury's and back, but I walked round the whole store without a stick, as well as driving both ways.

Tomorrow, next physio session - and I'll be driving there without a co-driver. Dave's on nights, and he'll be asleep.
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It's all progress, but this is multi-tasking and then some. I'm trying to make sure I do at least a little bit of some sort of crafting every day - it's good for me, quite apart from things "needing" to be done. The easiest way to arrange that is to spend perhaps half an hour in the craft room (upstairs) before coming down for breakfast. Getting up and down stairs is still hard work and needs at least one hand free, so carrying things is something to plan.
Assembling and painting wargames figures is always "do a bit, wait for it to dry", and so is card-making to some extent. So I tend to do the next step on one project, and then leave it till the next day to do the step after that.

On the go at the moment:
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Possible jobs now downstairs:
Do the skirt pocket
Make bean pickle
Do filing etc. on Dragonnewts
Research for Dragon 2 assembly
Edit: found a YouTube video that shows exactly what I need. 11 minutes in is the fitting of the saddle.
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Bit of time on the Wii Fit now we have batteries for it.
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 On the assumption that I am in fact going to get there, Id' better start planning what I'm going to run, and therefore what I'm going to write. I'm stuck at home for a bit, this is a good time to try to get at least some prep done. So, O fellow Continuum-goers, here are the possible things I could do some work on. Yes, all are Gloranthan.

1) The Great Duck Point Boat Race. I've run it before, I had requests last time to run it again. I could do it straight out of the bag, but I'd like to get the rules written up better, some sample boats and crews written up ready to go, and a few more "enemy" models painted up. I'm considering providing models rather than cards with numbers on for the player boats, too, but this may cause bias towards the sample boats rather than those created by the players.
Dragon boat as "normally" used for the Boat Race, with duck crew (several)
Mostali hovercraft
any other ideas?

edit: much more detailed description of the game in the comments

2) "In Pavis Fair City" - a HQ 1.5 lite scenario I've got half-written. Detective work in Pavis, involving free beer (for PCs, not players, sorry)

3) Miniatures gaming - HOTT. I'd supply the armies, the 3*3 playing areas, a simplified writeup of the rules, and scenarios for each army to fight each other army. Games last about an hour. Each scenario would score runes (Storm, Moon, etc.)  to add up to a total at the end. Given enough participants, we could probably end up with a Big Battle if we wanted to. Ideally, though, I'd need help from another experienced HOTT player to help run this.

4) In keeping with the "end of everything" theme, a scenario for which I currently have only vague ideas, set in the fall of Whitewall. I already intend to run the Swords campaign through this from the Orlanthi point of view, this would be done from the Lunar side. The final major magical attack is underway, and somehow, the Orlanthi are resisting. Your job is to get inside and sabotage whatever and whoever is organising those unexpected defences (getting out again alive, as the city collapses around you, is optional).

5) Since I'm hosting the Storytelling, I'd better come up with a story. Anyone got any prompts for me, or suggested themes? Things you'd like to hear more of, older stories you'd like to hear again?

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HOTT Avalon is coming up soon, and I'd been wanting to do this pair of armies for it for a while. For once, historical armies using 15mm figures. Very little weirdness - just rather a fun story. Bear in mind the tournament takes place in Glastonbury.
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Tudor Arms, HOTT annual competition, for those who are looking blank. Wargaming.

Richard has shown us pics of his rather lovely new Wolf Pirates. They're going to need an opponent, so I'd better adapt Kallyr's army to be a 1630 version, ready to (fail to) defend Boldhome. Also so that his army and mine aren't too much the same troop types - he's also hero general plus paladin and a lot of warbands. I differ in having flyers,and my paladin is a new addition in any case: I'll happily drop him when not facing magicians. So I take a quick look at who Kallyr had as allies at this period, and note that in 1625 at least, she had Telmori, and Argrath White Bull. I've got a half-painted Kostajor Wolf Champion base anyway, that woold give me an extra Hero, or I could do AWB - maybe as a Magician? Some sort of Praxian... I've got a couple of spare Bison Riders somewhere?

I also need Boldhome as a stronghold. This is going to be tricky. I'm not short of reference material, "Home of the Bold" has detailed maps and descriptions. My problem is a city in a mountain valley, and scale. I may try to use layers of cork tile to do a contour map of the area, and then dress that up a bit: put in the final cliff and Eastern Wall, with winding road up to the gate. Evenif I use the idea of having only a strnghold-sized area on-table and the rest behind, though, it's going to be BIG, especially front to back., I may have to do fore-shortening tricks..

Under the circumstances, it would be completely silly to try to produce a complete new 25mm "classic fantasy" (as per theme) army as well, wouldn't it? So how come I'm watching Ebay for bids, and what are all those bases and figures doing all over the painting table?
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I described the Trees army in the last post. We needed one in each scale, each, for Saturday, plus a 48AP 40mm doubles army for Sunday. Dave prefers semi-historical, and ideally fairly modern.

40mm for me: Trees
40mm for Dave: "Mordred's Army" - semi-historical medieval, based around the end of "The Once and Future King" and a medieval DBA army I'd picked up somewhere.
Mordred's army Click through for a better look and a full army list.

60mm, we both went with the theme by saying "it's an Avalon Hill game, right?"
For me, that's easy. RQ3, boxed set. Take a look at the cover and then at my current usericon. That's the Hero General of my main Gloranthan army. I had a figure for the guy with her, too, painted it up and attached it to a Stronghold that looks a lot like those white walls. Found the box, put some steel sheet in the bottom, expanded the sides a bit to take the taller figures, and packed them into the box, job done.

I forget the name of the game Dave picked: 1980s naval. We did him a Google Maps satellite view of the Falklands as a stronghold, and he had lots of little ships and aircraft on sea bases. Also labels in yellow pen to tell what the troop types are, since it wasn't obvious to the un-initiated (like me).

Sunday, we'd hoped to paint up some ACW and come in uniform, but instead, pulled my DBA Ancient Brits and Romans out of their boxes and did "Cartimandua and her Roman allies". Dave got the nice organised Roman command (Ninth Legion, he found out, before it lost its Eagle) and I got the Hero-general and Warband Brits.
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A little late, but life intervened.
HOTT Avalon, in Glastonbury - we were asked to produce armies on the theme of "Mystic Avalon". I decided to have a go at the army used by Gwydion in "Cad Goddeu", the Battle of the Trees. This is an ancient Welsh poem that's so full of Mythic Significance that no-one can work out what it means. Since I needed a 40mm frontage arm (alrwady had a suitable 60mm one), I ran into problems in fitting trees onto base depths, and my troop types are to some extent chosen with this in mind.

details and pictures under here )
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But I said I would, so...

Saturday night we did Big Battle Glorantha - three armies a side, a combined Orlanthi/troll/dwarf force against the Lunars, in a campaign that may have been to re-capture the ruins of Whitewall - or not. I got to try out my "matching" armies, the Crimson Griffin against Kallyr plus paladin. I didn't in fact learn much, as the addition of a road made a lot of changes to the norm. The Orlanthi won. In fact, we won so thoroughly that no Lunar troops were left on the table.
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I don't like magicians. Someday, I will have to insert Kallyr's newly acquired dislike of Leeks into a story.
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Yes, it's that time of year again when I head off to the Tudor Arms near Slimbridge for a weekend's wargaming. Very good pub including accomodation, BTW, well worth using. Real ales, real ciders, real perrys, good food.
As usual, I drove down Friday, had a pleasant evening in the bar with friends, and will be home Sunday night.
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Yesterday was HOTT BAPP, up in Burton at the Beer & Pretzels show. The theme this year was "when we were very young", 40mm frontage, so I took the Ivor army I'd done for HOTT Cymru and reprinted it in the smaller size. They'd also asked for Sneakers to be included in each army so as to test out the new Sneaker rules. Yes, "reprinted" - Ivor was originally paintings on cardboard flats, and that's what I was doing here. Print figures, with the name and unit type printed on each base, cut out, glue to card.

Conclusion 1: sneaker rule never tested, sneaker never had a chance to Do its Stuff.

Conclusion 2: if your army consists mainly of Hordes, with a Warband general and a Dragon lurking in the wings for that elusive roll of a 6, you do not want to be facing Knights. Guess what every army I met had as its main troop type?

I did not get the prize for coming bottom: but I only missed it by the last die-roll.

I think I'll be redesigning that army. HOTT geekery follows )

Next year, the theme will be "classic gold", and we're asked to provide matched pairs. 40mm again. Others are considering various historical kings, and the Aegetean Empire, but my thoughts turn to 10/15mm Glorantha, and the Sun Dome Templars. I already had plans for a 15mm/10mm High Llama army (I possess 40-odd unfortunately identical llamas in 15mm and some 10mm infantry to act as riders), now I need to sort some 10mm phalanx - and the special units to go with them, which may be somewhat harder.
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I'l report back on the actual wargaming last weekend at some point, but for now, the Saturday night game. I took the Great Duck Point Boat Race along, this having been requested by the Sharrocks. I was interested to play-test my new ideas on how to handle the Dragonnewt Road, and to see what wargamers made of it.

They liked it )
I'm pretty happy with that.
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You know we had takeaway curry Monday night? We ordered a bit much, so Tuesday nigth dinner was... yes, the end of the curry. The rather-too-hot Madras was much improved by yoghurt. And then it was back to the armies...

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HOTT Cymru is next weekend. The theme is "Wales", both Dave and I are going, and it's in both scales. So, while the theme is optional, to my mind, that means four Welsh-themed armies. One I can adapt, the others will have to be new.

F-locking this because I'm pretty sure the people going usually only see my LJ posts on Facebook: but I'll cut-tag anyway, just in case. No pics, because they do watch my Flickr stream.

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