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A review comparing Nokia N97 versus HTC Touch Pro 2 suggests that the latter would be a better bet for me. Less "media", better keyboard and better screen.

A bit of Googling tells me that this is the equivalent of the "XDA Serra, O2's UK version of the HTC Touch Pro (also known as the Raphael, T Mobile MDA Vario I, VAT&T Fuze and Sprint Touch Pro)."

It's got a wrist strap - good, if using it for GPS-type things.

"One point here is that for some reason, probably form HTC have decided to hide the microSD slot underneath the back casing, so you do have to remove the back to swap or remove the card, but no biggy really."

No biggy? The whole point of that SD card is to swap data from PDA to PC, depending on where I'm working. It's bad enough having a microSD not a real one, but can you imagine having to take the side off your PC every time you wanted to change the CD? Why should this be any different?

As someone says, though: "would be interested to know if it appears as a USB drive when plugged into a PC. if so, then the SD card access is not a problem, otherwise removing the back is trouble." Well, it's got the usual USB/miniUSB thing, so if Activesync is installed and works, we're on.
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A friend at work pointed me at the Nokia N97, which looks like a very nice Smartphone/PDA. QWERTY keyboard that may be small, but I can use, ability to edit Office documents, and (new to me) GPRS for satnav functions, and a radio so I can listen to Classic FM. 3.5" screen, 640*360 (the current PDA is 640*480, so that's a slight drop).

So, I phoned O2 this morning to talk about handset upgrades.

O2 do not do the Nokia N97, and, I'm told, probably never will. Also, the data tariff I'm on at the moment is an ancient one that no longer exists - if I want any hand-set upgrade, I'll need a new tariff, and given my calling habits, it'll be more expensive while not giving me anything extra that I'd actually use.

They did point me at the latest in the O2 XDA range with a suggestion that I take a look and see if there's anything I fancy.

Well, there is, I think. Only three phones have a QWERTY keyboard: one of those is ruled out by not taking any sort of SD card (I don't mind going down to a mini or micro SD and an adapter to let PCs read it, but I need something!), the other is ruled out by having a tiny screen. But the "Flint".... that's interesting. Weird, but interesting. 5" screen, for starters.
O2 site: http://xda.o2.co.uk/devices/xda_flint.jsp
Review: http://www.4winmobile.com/forums/4wm-reviews-hardware/20049-review-o2-xda-flint-htc-x7510.html

Two potential problems: it's BIG, bigger than my current PDA (and that's already a little uncomfortable to hold up to my ear for calls), and it's potentially very expensive. The nice lady on the helpline suggested £500 or so. Ouch.

The Nokia has a better camera (but I have a camera), and the screen is a little smaller than I'd hoped for: I wanted to go up, not down. It has a radio. The sat-nav fucntions look better. Price? About £500 sim-free from Nokia, prices with contracts from free upwards.

Now I'm very happy with the O2 tariff I've got - but it looks like I don't get to keep that anyway. I think the next question is to find a provider who get decent reception in our office, because O2 is abysmal there (as are many others), and who do cheap data, especially when abroad. But the Nokia or the Flint? Dunno. I think I need to try both out.
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We're making the most of two bank holidays to have a long weekend city-break, in which we can also hand over some re-enactment kit to a friend.

So, why the RK icon, you ask? The city in question is Liverpool. Read more... )
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since someone on my FL said it sucked, so I thought I'd better check for changes.
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No preview, no choice of icon or mood, but WTF? No suckage so far.

Editing, still via Mobile, to check that I can. Mobile reception here is lousy :(
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Computer Weekly have a monthly competition, I discovered on browsing their website a few weeks ago. So I looked at the theme, laughed, snapped off a few quick pics at my desk, posted them to the appropriate Flickr group, and forgot about it.

Today I got a Flickr mail asking for my contact details so they can send me a prize. I didn't even know there was a prize!

Edit: it just arrived. Can I think of any uses for a £50 Amazon gift certificate?
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I'm looking across the valley at the Matterhorn, while sipping hot chocolate and feeling a little lightheaded from the altitude. Will edit in pics later: like this!
View with hot chocolate
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It's just gone 6am, and I can't get back to sleep. The lights in this hotel room are either off (with blackout curtains), or BRIGHT: and Dave is still asleep. But with the PDA plugged into power, the backlight is bright enough to use as a torch to read by. Read my hard-copy New Scientist, that is. There's a fascinating article on multi-processing and how the human brain does or doesn't do it. No link, I'm afraid, at least the archive site doesn't work down a PDA.
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First time when we're away for the weekend that both of us have had PDA internet access. Dave's PDA is more up to date than mine, and connects faster. We have found a good way of reaching Ebay: http://www.ebaymobile.co.uk/ to go with LJ mobile (where I am now): http://www.livejournal.com/mobile/

Google of course works perfectly.

Of the big supermarket store-finders, Tescos does not work on a PDA, nor does Asda. Sainsburys does. So we're going to Sainsburys this morning.

New Bear!

Mar. 8th, 2006 12:38 pm
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One of the ladies whose databases I support has just come back from a few weeks in Australia - and look who came back with her!

Bears in work

That's him in the middle. To the left of the photo is a Millenium Bug, and over on the right is Viktig, an Ikea bear I got from the same team a couple of years back. He's clutching a raffle ticket that may lead to another Bear being added to the Hug.

Sorry about the photo quality, but a PDA camera can only do so much.
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Yes, I should have done this a long time ago. But here's what I said in an email to a friend then, plus a few additions.
Nothing went as planned, but we all had a good time none the less.

No Tris - a stitch in his eye came out, or something. And most other people turned up late for one reason or another.

The intermediate harp workshop turned out only to have one pupil - me. So I learnt all about the ornamentation used in the Welsh tradition, as written down in the early 1600s, and even persuaded my fingers to play them. [livejournal.com profile] telynor is a VERY good teacher (I know, not news).

We have made gemshorns (well, partly, mine needs more work). We have made clay ocarinas (yet to be fired). Beginner harp workshops have been held, and the results performed during the feast (Saf, and an ancient Gascon lullaby that sounded a lot like Twinkle Twinkle). Charlotte had found a Russian play on the web, shortened and tidied it, and after afternoon rehearsals, this too was performed at the Feast. I did the beginner Speech workshop I’d planned, with assistance from Dan, and at least some of the performers should improve as a result. Covered Court appearances in some detail, since that's often a tricky one. Not just kids, Trudi was there, and said she got a lot out of it.

Brenda and I read though the first part of "Mak the Sheepstealer" - marvellous medieval play. A slight expansion on "and there were shepherds in the fields watching over their flocks by night". It turns out that they were also whinging about the cold and having trouble with their sheep being nicked.

We sang some rounds at the feast - Brenda started us off, but as a first for me, I did end up doing one section on my own with no support. Yeah, little steps, but steps forward.

Oh, yes, there was a feast - Mel's cooking, 'nuff said.

We danced. Chris is getting good at leading dancing. Brenda is good on recorder, you know what Gwen's like on a harp, and Dan can be a dance band by singing the tunes.

Many stories - I did the first section of Beowulf as planned.

Break outside to look at stars. I made the mistake of saying I was sure there was a story about the Pleiades, and of course Gareth said any Silver Branch worth their salt would be able to tell it. Grrr... So I and my PDA retreated to meditate. A short Google later, I returned, we summoned them back inside, and I told them the story. And another about Hercules and how he tricked the father of the Pleiades, Atlas.

More dancing. And singing.

Sunday there was field archery: I skipped that, tried to get my gemshorn finished. Failed.
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OK, I confess, I am a geek. I have acquired a fibre-optic Xmas tree that plugs into the USB port on my office PC. And I have used my new PDA to take a picture of it. Uploaded picture to Flickr. LJed the result.

About my only defence is that I am doing at least some of this down the office broadband link, not the PDA...
See photo )
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My new PDA has a game on it. Well, two games, but the other one is Solitaire. Who, me, play games?

My top Bubble Breaker score is now 726!! Wow!

(Average is still around 300, though).

PDA latest

Dec. 14th, 2005 07:58 am
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Got it syncing at home and at work.

Found Yahoo Mobile and can read email there.

Can't find an interface to YGroups that works yet - I'm sure there used to be one!

YM mobile comes up with a blank page, and the help from support was useless, I think they were answering a totally different question. Mel's found me a client called "Agile" that she uses, and it's loaded up my YM contacts list, but it hung after a few messages last night. I may have to upgrade to the latest version.

Nfuse, to connect to work remotely, I'm downloaded the right client, but still I can log in, but not run any apps when I get there. Will get the techies on to that today.

Camera is a bit naff (1.3mp) but still useful. No point in saving at high res, the lens isn't (high res, that is), and I don't have enough memory anyway.

And there's a game on there called "Bubble" which is *much* too addictive!
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If this works, the answer is yes!
and I can edit
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I've finally upgraded my phone/PDA!
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Conclusion so far? O2 are GOOD. Orange rate very well on customer service. You'd have to pay me quite a lot for me to go back to Vodafone. Yes, I know non-standard requirements, small sample, but that's my experience.

And when the XDA has finished charging, I'll get playing! I wonder if I can update my LJ from it?


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