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 Up at 5 to drive the already-loaded car round to the car boot sale. Last time we did this, I froze to the extent of buying an extra coat and hat from other stalls, so this time I was in walking boots (found at the mack of the garage and miraculously, they fit!), fleece, extra fleece gilet, and had an extra coat, hat and gloves, in the car. So, of course,  it was a beautiful sunny day.
The G&M growers site has the advantage of being next to a duck pond, so there may be ducks. I wasn't expecting the groups flying over, nor the skeins of geese (mostly Canada), nor the house martins or swifts, and certainly not the magnificent views of a red kite hunting directly over the stalls. If only I'd had a camera....
I managed to walk round the complete area, all rows, and without a stick. Those supportive boots made quite a difference.

Slow start, but we ended up making £90 or so - it's being saved as "holiday money". I may have been the only person there to manage to sell all the loom bands I'd taken with me, and I managed my first ever sale as a professional crafter! I have sold a card! Having had feedback from the last time about what people wanted, I'd adjusted the range on offer, simply by using up oddments from other cards I'd made recently, and one of the last ones, put together at about 1am, was what went. "It's different," said the happy customer - yes, my cards are.

Onward to put things away, and start research for the latest card commissioned. I'll do a few that meet the criteria, giving me more spares for sale, plus running off all the ones I was asked for today and didn't have. Also, I want a proper display/storage box for them. I got it half-way designed while I was there (wandering around stalls looking at the competition), and came up with some other ideas for things I could make - things that other people might have been selling if their presentation had been better. Sorry, but showcasing your output by screwing it up at the bottom of a dirty box labelled "all items 10p" is not good marketing.

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I spent yesterday evening assembling some decoupage scenes from Craft Creations, and they deserve a link and recommendation. Beautifully detailed, die-cut well, good pictures, and surprisingly cheap. I'm using the "DCD" range, fully die-cut, but they do even more where you have to do your own cutting, if that's your thing.
The ordering page also gives links to sample cards made from each one, so you can get ideas on how to use them.

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 So far tonight, I have:
  • Cooked Pad Thai (and eaten it)
  • Assembled the Graze Easter Bunny (he then sat and watched the rest of the proceedings)
  • Taken delivery of a beading order
    • Mended the pendant chain for my magnifier
    • Assembled a Victorian cameo brooch
    • Put away the remainder of the beading order where it belongs
  • Sorted the dies (die-cutter sort) into nesting shapes and "other"
    • Tested quite a few of the "others"
    • Applied release foam to the ones that need it
    • Put them all in appropriate little bags, and in a box, and put the box away
  • Opened a new card magazine, and discovered that when they spoke of a decoupage kit, they actually meant deco-patch.
  • Went back to a previous card magazine, and converted part of the free kit into a nice cheerful birthday card with a yellow background and daisies.
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 Mainly card-making and other paper-craft magazines, at the moment.

1) "To make this, all you need is the free kit that comes with this magazine, and..."
A set of die-cutters that you don't possess, that will cost of the order of £15 or so
Some pens, ink, or paints in a brand-named colour that gives you no idea what the colour actually is, so you can't substitute something you have got. Here's an example: "Honey Dew Fresco Finish Paint" by "Paperartsy" . It turns out to be olive green - why not say that in the first place?
Stamps, same problem. "Stamper anonymous studio 490 art colours life stamps". What's that? Google tells me it's a background stamp featuring leaves, and will cost me £20. That's a lot of money, to make one card from a "free" kit.

2) "A make". No. "Make" is a verb, not a noun. "Shaped makes" - no, they're shaped cards. "Top makes using the chandelier stamp" - no! Why not "Top things you can make"? Or, having inspected the article in question beyond the headline, "cards you can make"? Worst yet, someone's comment on a photo of a card I'd made "what a lovely make!". What, can't they tell what it is? That sounds like the praise given to a toddler in art class - "what a lovely picture of a, ermm... thing...."

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New exercise thing - tried out the "free jogging" on the Wii Fit. Lowest duration is 10min, so I nearly didn't bother, since obviously I won't be able to keep it up for that long. Oh yes, I did! Covered 2.4km, it tells me, though since that's jogging on the spot (lounge isn't that big), it isn't the same as 2.4 "real" km.

It also asked me to guess how much I weighed, in stone. Anyone following along will know that I quite deliberately don't know how much I weigh in stone, since I'm pretty sure the answer will depress me. So I guessed at what I thought was an optimistic figure, and was told I was wildly wrong. OK.... I'm feeling pretty cheerful, I can probably cope, go on, tell me? The answer was a stone lighter than I'd guessed. I may even start being able to think about it without wanting to hide under the bed soon. I still refuse to add four and see how much I weighed to start with, though.

In other news, we're clearing the lounge ready for the new three-piece suite, and the carpet that we might as well do at the same time, and the decorating that might as well happen while the place is empty. An awful lot of books that we have on e-copy, or are so out of date as to be useless, went with my dad to a charity shop last night (our little car wouldn't have coped).

Remember I entered a card-making/paper-craft competition a while back? I won! £25 bag of goodies is heading my way, and the magazine will have a picture of the pretty thing I made.
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I've been learning new techniques, and new tools, and most of them have worked.

Lots of pictures under here )
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It's getting almost like old times.

Last night was a "rest" night - clear the dining table down and put the extension pieces back in, make a card (first time of "DIY decoupage" - take multiple copies of an ordinary card, cut out the motif from some of them, glue it to the base of another).

Today, I get into town to pick up two parcels and post said card, then back here and start Sewing. That isn't quite like old times - I used to have fabric all over the lounge carpet, but now I can't get down there to kneel next to it, hence the use of the big table. Check my measurements, check the cutting pattern, chop 4 yards of linen into various rectangles and triangles, apply sewing machine. There will then be hand-sewing to finish the seams and apply eyelets for the front lacing, and that may occur in front of the TV.
Lunch is planned to be "cheat's paella" so as to use up things in the fridge, dinner will probably be salad nicoise, but Dave will be back tonight, so it might be something we'll both like instead. Just not cold chicken. I picked up a reduced ready-roast chicken earlier in the week, and while that's a nice easy meal, I'm a bit "chickened out".

I'll also be investigating what looks like some medieval sandals for fit and adjusting as needed (pretty simple bit of leather-work), finding eating gear, medieval glasses, any cooking/sewing bits I might have that would be in period, and so on.

But first - coffee!

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I said I should do more of this, because it's good for my mental health, so how did I do?
I took knitting on holiday, and got quite a few more repeats of the edging for the lace shawl done.
I finally mended the strap for the drum bag, adding big pieces of thick leather to the soft (torn) leather where it's supposed to join the bag. So far, it's staying on one piece.
What I've been spending more time and thought on, though, is cards. I've picked up magazines and looked at the freebies, I've bought bits, and I've made things. Finding a reason to make them is harder than expected, since I don't make useless things, but it's rather fun.

Read more... )

We'll see what excuses I find to make more cards, but I have 3D butterfly-shaped ideas. What still puzzles me, though, is how to get thme into envelopes without squashing, and how to get them to survive in the post.

Next up, back to army painting, I think. There's these trolls.... and I have a to-do list to improve the Orlanthi, and the Lunars... and I'd like to get the Dragonnewt one done for Berkeley....


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