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Spring wedding next door
Wind-blown cherry blossom strews
Real pink confetti
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I should be writing code, not haiku.

In the frozen earth
A thrush pecks for worms: finds none
Futility rules
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Two baby moorhens
Huge feet, staggering, propel
A ball of black fluff
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Clear blue cloudless sky
Inside, air conditioning purrs
Denying the heat
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It's good, being next to a window in work. I get to see what the weather's doing, and don't feel quite so cut off from Real Life.

Today, a quick glance outside, and I got belted over the head with Inspiration: a nasty attack of the haikus.

White, skipping with joy
Bouncing on the fresh spring grass
Not lambs, but hailstones
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That "seasonal reference" bit. Apparently the Japs call it "kigo". That was obvious, wasn't it? First set of random letters I'd have thought to look up. You know, I think this is why I don't generally get on with Jap stuff - there's just no cross-cultural references at all.
Anyway, now I know what random sequence of letters to look up, I can feed it into Wiipedia, and.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kigo
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Well, several, but one I want to quote from. "One hundred great books in haiku", by David Bader. My favourite so far:

  Hrothgar's hall,    haunted.
Dauntless Danes die,   Grendel-gored.
    Why not    hrelocate?
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.... until we needed to bump a thread on a forum. That poetry competition in RK: we're still trying to get people to vote. So, as a "bump" post...

This thread sinks, slowly
Drifting downwards to Page Two
Haiku can bump it.

RK Pomes

Dec. 16th, 2007 07:26 pm
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Winter Solstice festival in Lancaster, and I'm joining in a few of the competitions. One of them was to write a poem on the subject of winter in Lancaster. My muse, reliable as always, started off by producing a haiku. For Lancaster, in 1455. Great. :(

A Lancaster Inn.

Snow without: within,
the fire, mulled wine, and friendship
warm toes, heart, and soul

Well, the syllable count's right. I'm not convinced it gives the scene snapshot I'd have liked, and the "nature" reference is in the wrong place.

1455, haiku are not what we want. But the miniaturisation concept was still with me, and what appeared next was a pseudo-Celtic triad.

The Three Great Risings of Lancaster Feast:

The bread, before baking
The crowd, to greet their Duchess
Drunkard, from the tavern floor
But the Sun at its rising will be greater than the three

Three items, intended to work from greatest to least (1 and 2 are almost equal, here). "Drunkard" is a player who lives up to his name. I quite like this, but we're not in a Celtic area, and that isn't really poetry. So I went and looked up what poetry was around in 1455, and found someone who'd died in 1400 or thereabouts. Chaucer... When in Aprille.... It's not Aprille, it's December. It's not spring, it's winter. Zodiac references need changing, as does the name fo the wind. And they're not going on pilgrimage, it's a pub-crawl. (Taverns, in all three attempts? Yep. That's where most of the game's RPing takes place.) So we got the Lancaster Tales.

When that December with his cold so sore
November's fogs hath frozen to the core
And bathed every vein in such licour
Of which virtue engendered is the flower
When Boreus with his icy breath
Inspired hath in every holt and heath
The bare branches; and the old sun
From the Archer to the Goat hath run
And smalle beasts make nut trees bare
That sleepen all the winter in their lair
Like sleepy bears in their caverns
Then longe folke to go to taverns
And drinkers for to seek strange brands
To try their luck in sundry lands
And specially, from every shires' end
Of Engleand, to Lancaster they wend
The corn, and bread and meat for to seek
That them hath holpen, when that they were weak.

For once, I'm playing with rhyme as well as rhythm. The syllable count is the same as the original. The rhyming pattern is the same (though in some cases using different rhymes). I doubt if I'll win with this, no other reader is likely to know the original enough to compare (half of them probably haven't heard of Chaucer!) but I'm rather pleased with it.
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I think I've got the text clearer this time. No anti-aliasing, not bold, and one px size bigger. Also moved further up.
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Condere haiku
in lingua latina
difficile est

(so I won't)

(and yes, Helen, I know you've seen it before)
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I've corrupted my little sister. Not only have I got her addicted to haiku, I've persuaded her to get a LJ account. Not that she intends to post anything to it, but.... hi there, [livejournal.com profile] xuebaochai!

We now have email conversations going on between the two of us, and our parents, entirely in haiku. My dad's last comment probably covers one feeling we have in common:

As said yesterday
I can't do this kind of thing.
I must be dreaming!

as does one I wrote a while ago in another forum entirely:

Haiku? Addicted?
Who, me? I can give it up
Any time I like

read more haiku )
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The two little writing communities I joined are merging. But I did get another second place (out of five entries, so not that big a deal).
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