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Computer Weekly have a monthly competition, I discovered on browsing their website a few weeks ago. So I looked at the theme, laughed, snapped off a few quick pics at my desk, posted them to the appropriate Flickr group, and forgot about it.

Today I got a Flickr mail asking for my contact details so they can send me a prize. I didn't even know there was a prize!

Edit: it just arrived. Can I think of any uses for a £50 Amazon gift certificate?
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Maybe... this is the second time someone's wanted to use one of my photos. No, the third.

First time, as reported here, was Schmap, using a picture of a Bristol pub. Second time was also Schmap, but they'd got their geography wrong, and once I'd pointed this out, they didn't get back to me.

But this time... this time it's the BBC. They've got a GCSE revision website called Bitesize. They're producing Flash movies of each of the poems on there. And for this poem, they want this photo. There's a contract to sign, and everything.

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Yesterday's course ended just before 5. After the extent to which I'd enjoyed the Underground journey that morning (first train I couldn't get on at all, second there was no danger of falling over), I decided I'd rather walk. I had a map, it looked like an easy route. Old Street to Kings Cross. Two stops. What could go wrong?

OK, anyone who knows London better than I do can probably see a potential problem here. No, my map did not have a scale. As I discovered from Google maps when I got home, it's about 2.4 miles.

But it was really fun. Yes, I got there - I'm miles fitter (about 2.3 miles fitter) than a few months ago! It took an hour, but that might be something to do with having a camera on me....

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Saturday morning: Dave in work, me having my hair done. Turning those grey roots back to their rightful shade of brown.

Saturday afternoon: collecting up various bits of junk, ready for....

Sunday, 6am: car boot sale. We filled Dave's big car with stuff, and actually sold some of it. My old (non-digital) camera and the PC bits brought in most of the cash: made about 100 quid. We worked out afterwards that in terms of £/hour, we'd have been better off putting he junk in the skip and working overtime, but this kept things out of landfill and was a nice change. We may yet sell more: bumped into some people Dave knew years back when he was doing ham radio. We've exchanged phone numbers, and they may well have his ham kit off us.

But I did buy a few bits - not much, honest!
includes pictures )

Then this evening, having acquired a money-off voucher, we ate at The Outback, in Stevenage. It were good. And here's the beer report: Victoria Bitter. Which has a slight head like a bitter, but is served chilled, and tastes like a nice lager. I'll have some more of that.
Victoria Bitter

Tomorrow, Dave goes off to a big security job in London: staying there all week in a posh hotel. We've sorted him out with a suit that fits, and enough shirts and things, but I'm not really looking forward to a week of no hugs. Bears are good, but they miss a few things.
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Almost entirely for [livejournal.com profile] telynor's benefit. While wandering around the Uffington area, getting lost and looking for somewhere to turn round, I found this. It had space to park, and I could use it to turn round. So I did, and also applied a camera.
Here it is on Google Maps.

and under here )
are a couple of pictures, taken from the same spot but facing in opposite directions.
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And the DIGAFometer is twitching again.
Dave (who doesn't read LJ), deduced after a few words on the phone that I was depressed. He decided that we did not want to cook. When I got in, I was handed a Pimms and lemonade, and asked where I would like to eat tonight: the only limitation was that it had to be walkable. So after a bit of chilling, we wandered into Biggleswade, camera in handbag. I gradually saw more and more things/places to take pictures of. The MSH usually provides inspiration "today we need a scratch, something shaken but not stirred, anything spider-like, and a smuggler"). We got a few, we visited a nice pub, we wandered back the long way and admired the sunset.

Now I've come up with some more interesting MSH entries that involve actual thought and creativity rather than click-tick-record. Even opened up a story file and did some editing. Scribbled some notes for an article. Designed the next bit of Swords plot. This isn't what I intended to be working on, but at least it's creativity of sorts.

a few pics under here )
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Just got an email from someone who wants to use one of my Flickr photos. The Schmap travel guide to Bristol may feature my picture of the Hatchet Inn.
Hatchet Inn Entrance
No money involved (the guide is free, after all), I retain copyright, but still very flattering.
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Regular readers may have gathered that I take part in a Monthly Scavenger Hunt on Flickr, and take various silly photos to go in it. Well, this month I not only completed the hunt (20 categories), I got a placing!
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Refilled the bird-feeder the other day, expecting sparrows, starlings, blackbirds underneath, maybe a few tits. We got goldfinches!
There's a reason the collective noun is a "charm", not a "flock". Much prettier than the average sparrow.
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I think. Dave worked last night, so he's asleep now. Possibly I am, too. Cold continues to make my throat and sinuses hurt, and has moved on the the chest. News is only of trivial things: a new city captured in Tribal Wars, a new Scavenger Hunt to play with, a plan for scrambled eggs with smoked oysters for breakfast, inspired by a message on the MSH group.

I sent the new story "public" last night: can't wait for John to get back to me forever. So in case you're interested in Gloranthan fiction, and not on the main lists, here's the link:

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As a joke/dare, we're trying to get a friend's photo listed in the "most interesting" Explore bit of Flickr. This can be done by a combination of people viewing it, commenting on it, and marking it as a Favourite. So if you wouldn't mind at least doing the "view" bit....? the comments already there are quite an amusing read anyway.


Update: we did it! Thanks, everyone.
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Did the walk round Whipsnade with Alison and Chris and Tracey and the girls mainly according to plan. Dave got a migraine (new for him!) and couldn't come, but since the number of sponsors on his sheet was zero, this made very little difference. Saw lots of nice beasties, took lots of photos, refrained from purchasing a slightly naff WWF snow leopard for a fiver, but did acquire a much nicer one in the gift shop. My feet hurt, my legs ache, and the WWF will be £68 better off.
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I'd thought I was going to have to work this weekend - in fact I got away without that, but did spend a lot of Saturday catching up on sleeping (it's been a busy week). And dozing in front of the PC while searching the photo archives for things for the new month's Scavenger Hunt.

And then... BBQ, car boot finds, running )
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Well, actually at Sewerby Hall, near Bridlington, with the ACWS. For once, we were trying to represent a real battle not just a "might have been" scenario, and it was one where the Washington Artillery were actually present. And, what's more, I'd visited the real site last autumn. So there will be lots of photos under the cut tag )
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[livejournal.com profile] oreouk will like this. I've done my entries for the Flickr Scavenger Hunt this month, but browsing through the new ones coming in, found this.

I didn't even know stained glass could do that!


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