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I had no idea this existed!
All our lot: Pete giving his spiel to the crowd, the finals at the Oyster Fayre, the finals of the Gloriana Cup (that's not just backswording, it's a get-together of all the serious swordsmen in Europe, and the final was between Pete and Emma, both of our club!)
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Here's the post I wrote on the PDA and haven't been able to upload till now - we're now in the Harz mountains, with an Internet PC in the lobby and no silly restrictions.

Last night involved a pipe & drum duet in the marketplace (got pic and wav) then pizza, as some of the party are 'all sausaged out'.
Internet café was very hot and Flickr was very slow. I've got the Bacharach pics up, but the Rhine and onwards is still to come.
Yes, we're going to stay another day.

We separated for the morning and did the main town museum, in the old convent. No photos allowed :(
They've got a wonderful sword collection!
sword geekery under here, and some Gloranthan bits )

Lunch at the Swan, and the discovery that suckling pig doesn't taste any different to full-size pig. Then onwards to the Medieval Crime Museum. A fascinating insight into how the law worked, nothing like as brutal as the Hollywood version would have you believe. I now have a book on the subject, but impressions from the museum include:
Law geekery under here, and some RK bits )

Drinks and nibbles at the same place we met at for lunch yesterday. Then back to the room, picking up Coke and fruit on the way, for some dossing.
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Green & white tag test tonight. Theory oral test, drills 1-5, and a bout to three bloods (marked on technique, not winning).
Max possible score - 60. Pass mark - 40. My score - 57. That'll do. I dropped one point on the bout (knew that was my weak point) and two on the drills. We suspect that was partly to do with slowing down and making allowances for a partner who was having wrist trouble and didn't know them anything like as well as I did.
100% on the theory - as it should be.
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It's been a while since I did a back-swording update. But not everyone will want to know, so...

summary: our club did really really well at a national event, I'm gradually improving.

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Sunday after Dave had gone to work, the builder who'd done our bricking up came round, Read more... )

Weigh-in Monday night Read more... )

Back home and refreshed, did some serious pruning of the Apothecary's Rose, Read more... )

Then, after planning an early night, got attacked by a story. Read more... )

Tuesday morning once Dave was home: dig up and pot rose and rhubarb. In fact it rained and we got no builder, but at least my plants are safe, and the rhubarb decided to split, so I have a root for [livejournal.com profile] tattercoats to try again.

Then off to the doctor to get the results of my bloodtests. It seems that everything is boringly normal, and my blood pressure is down lower than we've seen it for years. Still need to get that liver scan done, though.

Tuesday evening - backswording. Read more... )

Wednesday - evening off, Dave was on days, so home. And knackered (he's been working silly hours for far too long).

This is Thursday. Builder's back today, he and his son arrived just as I was leaving.

The assorted gears and motors and things for my BUA arrived yesterday. Read more... )

Plans for tonight: hug my husband.

Plans for Friday: LondonGlorantha pub-meet in the evening, Read more... )

Plans for Saturday: go to see Anthony and Cleopatra Read more... )

Plans for Sunday: might go to an extra back-swording session, might not.
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Saturday: Bloxham Steam Fair, nr. Banbury. Visited some ACW people, both ACWS and SOSKAN. Handed over powder to ACWS, loaned a flag to the Louisiana Tigers. Looked at and listened to pretty fairground organs, met some ferrets, did a little shopping (second-hand books, wooden bucket, cheap cloth tape), dodged the rain. Got the photos to finish off MSH for this month. And stopped of at an Italian in MK on the way back - salad, risotto, all fairly diet-friencly stuff.

Sunday: lie-in, then 5 hours of sword workshop. Well, swords, quarterstaffs, and daggers.
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Meanwhile, Dave has finished the extra wiring and painting in the lounge and kitchen. Tonight, we can put the bookshelves back up and fill them.
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News email from vnunews.com includes these:

Teenager defends PS3 with samurai sword
- good for him!

Microsoft plans dialect spell checker
I wonder if it'll cope with Beowulf, or the Forme of Cury?

and I am so glad that when my computers hang, it isn't this potentially disastrous:
Fears grow over Space Station computers

Meanwhile we have a "total war tournament" between reenactors, LARPers and stuntmen

and what looks like it'll be an interesting documentary about swords.
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Well, I came to a decision, and acted on it. I don't like it, but...
My sword is lovely. It's a Paul Binns, it's top quality, it's shiny, it's tough, it's well-balanced, it looks great. But, the way things are going, and with a shoulder injury (rotator cuff) giving me trouble, I am not going to get the arm strength back to use it, and it's from a period that I don't do any more. So, I just sold it. To a fellow member of the backswording club, who does have the muscles I lack, and who will enjoy and appreciate it.

Swords are meant to be used, not hung on walls. That one was getting bored. It'll be happier in its new home.

Now, what next? Well, what next is a backsword. C16, light, single-edged. Probably from ArmourClass, lots of people recommend them (including Paul Binns, earlier today). And a pot for my cudgel, as an ornament and a safeguard (to quote the nearest pound coin). By a strange coincidence, the best maker of cudgel pots around is the man I just sold the sword to, so this will be a partial swap.
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Well, I probably won't be fighting, but others will be.

and this event:

My tent goes down Friday with the Big Van, I follow either later that night or Saturday morning. Mostly Living History for me, and support for the troops.
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Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. We went to the re-enactors fair yesterday, and a few other places Read more... )

Today I'm feeling happy, moderately bouncy (slight backache) and ready to start Doing Things again. Last night I managed a fun post to a Glorantha list in which I may have solved an interesting puzzle, and also blamed Argrath for it. Today I'm back to planning three things while doing two others and cooking an experimental breakfast (toasted sarnie with bacon and mushrooms and brie - yum!) A Numbers Job that seemed impossible last week, I think I just solved in my head.

But I am not allowed to play with the new toys I bought yesterday until I've done some more tidying. Well, I can't. I can't get the sewing machine out while the table's still covered in books.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Mar. 1st, 2007 05:16 pm
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Yes, I do still exist. And yes, that's three separate "ow"s.

Ow 1 )

Ow 2 )

Ow 3 )

Tonight is St David's Day (well, it has been all day....) so I'd better work out what we're doing. See if Sainsburys can provide a bunch of daffs and some lamb, at least.

And tomorrow is Dave's birthday - he's got the pressie (new massive case for his various cameras), I've bought the card, but he has no idea what he wants to do to celebrate. Out for a meal? Dunno. Out to a film? Dunno? Evening in London? Dunno. Come on, give me some enthusiasm here!
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Been a bit quiet, but I'm still here.

Next weekend I'm up at Mel's for Burns Night, and Dave is wargaming here with some friends. For this, he needs 40 20mm WW2 skirmish figures. He bought them, he bought the paints. Then he discovered that his eyes have changed, and he needs new reading glasses. So, I'm painting the figures. 40 of them. By Saturday. This has made a serious dent in my time: and the remains of the cough had already left me in work-eat-sleep mode.

Went along to backswording on Tuesday, as an observer only. Learnt a lot. Putting it into practice will be another matter.

Performance assessment time in work - went fine. I get to learn new toys in the coming year - .Net and Visual Basic. Sounds like fun.

Still playing Knight Fight, bit of Tribal Wars, though getting a bit bored with that now.

Oh, and I have Sossidges to make tonight - I want Haggis in sizes suitable for one. More casings (and a coarse cutter for the mincer) arrived yesterday. I will be haggis-making and painting figures tonight. Will try not to confuse the two.
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I have my white tag - I am off L-plates. Not a particularly good mark, but considering that of the twelve weekly lessons, I missed four, that'll do.

A good day

Sep. 19th, 2006 11:25 pm
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Leg dressing changed this morning, and it's healing nicely. Overgranulating, just like last time, so I have different Gunk on it this week. And Catherine (the nurse while Rosie's away) says she thinks that 4-layer job is overkill. So maybe I'll be out of it next week, who knows?

Fixed a couple of long-standing problems in work.

Put a friend who needed her first car in touch with someone in work selling a car. They and the car and Dave got together this lunchtime - car sold.

Backswording tonight. Fun. More footwork, yes I did remember the stuff from last time. More attacks and wards. Took the sword along: they like it. Used it for a bit, but with the moves being completely different, it's still hard work on my shoulder.

And backswording/George Silver theory keeps meeting Glorantha in my mind. We're told that a good ward should demonstrate the True Cross (swords at right angles) and of course I'm thinking Humakti and a death rune. The circle of eight possible attack lines: it's an eight-pointed star, isn't it? Rigsdal rune. Well, improving my writing was a lot of the plan.
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And having got back... yes, that was fun! And I've signed up for the course, starting Tuesday 12th September. Tonight I learnt the basics of footwork (nothing much new there), three guards, eight attacks, how to disarm my opponent, how to disarm them and break their arm in the process, and how to also drop them to the ground and smash their face in with the pommel of my... erm, broomstick. Nice practical guy, George Silver.

Nice friendly people, and good exercise for me. Real "how they used to do it" swordplay, which should improve my writing, I hope.

Just one rhetorical question - why does everything I want to do happen on Tuesday nights?


Aug. 8th, 2006 12:44 pm
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A tiny snippet in the local rag that Steve next door picked up - a "taster" session of medieval backswording. Tonight. Just down the road. A phone call and a chat with someone called Peter Holland, and I have a web-site to investigate and want to read up on my George Silver. Sounds like most there are complete beginners, so the revision will be helpful but by no means essential. But this looks very promising - George Silver techniques, done as a martial art with wooden practice swords. And local. We'll see, but I'm feeling optimistic.
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I know this is meant to be a multi-national city, but this is getting silly. It's smaller than Luton, so how come it has all this stuff?
Read more... )
My feet hurt.

View of Old Stuff and the river
Luxembourg river
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Got up to find Rain. Drat. Pulled plants out of car and put them on the patio table, so at least they can get rained on. Dithered around the house for a bit, then... market, more plants )
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Sword practise again last night, and it looks like I'm getting it back together. Fought Dean (with wood), fought Chris, killed them a few times, died a few times. As in the past, I usually beat Chris by cutting both his arms off. He's getting very fast, and he'd trained left-handed specifically so as to deal with this, but that just means I have to cut *both* arms off to beat him, not just one.
Fought Adam, and we managed to clash guards in a joint attack and bash my sword-hand little finger. Under the cold tap, and I was back to left-handed wood for the night (I don't trust my control left-handed well enough to spar with steel as yet). Left-handed wooden dagger is fun!
There were visitors due, friends of Chris', so I'd taken down all my own weaponry for once. Tried drilling with my own sword, first time for ages. Ouch. Compared with school swords, that's heavy. 3mm edge, and longer, of course, but I'll need a lot more practise to use that 1H, much less back at sword&shield.

This morning, finger aches, back muscles and arms muscles ache. This feels good.


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