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I've just started trying "real" running, as opposed to the on-the-spot in front of the Wii Fit variety. Most beginner training programs want me to run a minute, walk a minute, run two minutes, and so on. It isn't obvious how to measure those minutes without carrying a stop-watch in my hand, and looking that rather than where I'm going. How do you do this?
Probably-related question: I've seen various phone apps that will track where I am, how far I've gone, how fast I did it, and so on. Any recommendations, and are there other things such an app might do that I would have uses for?
Linking to Weightwatchers or to Google Maps may be seen as advantages, but not essentials.
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But not for a while. July - the Race for Life again, this time in Stevenage. Our slimming class are going, and our instructor will be leading the warmup! So I've registered, sent off for the Tshirt, set up the webpage for sponsors, and so on. And they've promised me a Widget for Blogs, but LJ doesn't like Iframes, so here it isn't.

Ah well, go here to sponsor me and see a pic of last time.


Jul. 23rd, 2006 01:53 pm
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Did the "race". It's hot.
As predicted, walked not ran. Not that I'd have had a choice unless I was right at the front, it was ridiculously crowded. We kept finding ourselves stationary because the route had been taken across a narrow bridge, or down an alley, or something equally daft.
The slightly strained foot behaved, the bashed knee refrained from stiffening up, the only problem was my right foot getting a numb spot after the first KM, but that was sorted by avoiding bad cambers.

Did as much as possible at brisk walk/march speed, to the imaginary sound of the Confederate Army drums. Aching slightly by the last 1/2KM, but still ran the last 50 yards - there was, for once, enough space to do so!

Organisation was a complete mess - but if I started that rant I'd never stop. Let's just say that "it's the same as last year" and "well you know Bedford, don't you?" are NOT useful ways of imparting information.
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... until I do this "race for life" thing. There was a training plan. What with being away, hurting my foot, being treated by paramedics for heat exhaustion what feels like every other weekend, and so on, the training has not happened.

I think I'll be walking it. Finishing is the objective, after all. Well, raising money for cancer research is the objective.

And I really must hunt down some sponsors. I set up the web page, I advertised it, but very few responses. Of course, the fact that it needs a credit card not just PayPal, so people have to go and find a credit card and type the numbers in, probably isn't helping. If anyone out there wants to sponsor me, *I* take Paypal - the email address is my LJ userid, then (at) yahoo.co.uk. Or if we're going to physically meet (what a concept!) I take cash.
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I'd thought I was going to have to work this weekend - in fact I got away without that, but did spend a lot of Saturday catching up on sleeping (it's been a busy week). And dozing in front of the PC while searching the photo archives for things for the new month's Scavenger Hunt.

And then... BBQ, car boot finds, running )
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I got my race pack this evening, complete with Official Number. So I can set up my "sponsor me" web-page, and of course I did.

If you'd like to encourage me to get fit and lose weight, and give some money to a good cause, take a look here.

5km? In July? I must be mad...
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Weigh in tonight - and I've lost my first stone! OK, so it took me nine weeks, but I did it!

And I'm doing things in the Exercise bit that I'd never have managed a few weeks back.

Onward - let's see how far I can take this. I've ordered some sports bras so I can go running without giving myself two black eyes, training for that Race for Life can begin once they arrive. After dark, when no-one can see me wobbling along the pavement.

I'm mad....

Mar. 7th, 2006 05:23 pm
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We were saying at the slimming club last night that things like sponsored runs looked like useful incentives for this Get Fit idea. Sadly the one done by the club is while I'm on holiday.

This afternoon, work email suggests a company team for the "Race for Life". "Only" 5km, in July. Well, why not?

I've entered, via the firm. Once I've got my registration details, I'll be able to set up a "sponsor me on-line" page. I'm now looking at the suggested training schedule, and considering running. After dark, when no-one can see me!


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