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 I thought I'd be healthy for lunch (and use up the got-it-on-the-cheap things in the freezer that I know Dave won't like).
"Quorn BBQs and Grills Chef's Selection Sausages, Best of British". Sounds good, doesn't it?
Sorry, Quorn. They taste slightly less of cardboard than some other manifestations of the substance, but not by much. They're also 3 WW points each, and I could get two Weightwatcher Cumberland sausages for those three points. I'll finish the pack, purely because wasting food is sinful, but I won't be buying any more.

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I'm trying to work out how to have Christmas not be a complete dietary disaster. Today was the turn of the Mince Pie Experiment.
I'd got a recipe I found online
I made up half quantities of that, noting that it produced about 840g of mincemeat, and feeling glad I'd only done half.
I used the mini muffin tray I'd got in Ampthill yesterday, and double-layer filo pastry, sprayed with FryLite.
I made 24 of them, using about 210g of the mincemeat and 4 sheets of filo.

Commercial normal mince pie - about 7 points
Commercial mini mince pie - 2-3 points
These - you get two of them for one point!

I've put the rest of the mincemeat in the fridge, and the next experiment will involve low-fat Jusrol shortcrust.
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Slowly, and with wiggles in the chart, but they're only wiggles.

Weight loss graph
Those wiggles only go up (down?) to a couple of weeks ago, but the principle remains the same - some wiggles and blips, but overall downwards, so if I have a good meal out and wiggle upwards, it doesn't matter, nothing to feel guilty and stressed about, it's just another wiggle.

Latest wiggle went down to three and a half stone lost since I started. OK, so quite possibly that's just a wiggle downwards and tomorrow I'll be just above that arbitrary marker again, but I'm still pleased about it.
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Surprisngly well, actually. I got a lot of things done that weren't in the plan, mainly because I had a Dave around to enjoy, so we did things that it made sense to do together - like eating lunch out. Saturday he was working days, but Sunday he was on change-over, and Monday he managed to wake up much earlier than usual, so that was a day and a half of "ooh, look, I have a husband".  Lunches have occurred at the Lounge and at a Toby carvery. We also went to the Homebase 15% off day and got a new strimmer, a new laundry basket, and some more plants (aubergine that already has small fruit on, my one having failed due to neglect, and some herbs to go in the front bed), acquired and used bird food, watered everything that needed it, and on Monday, investigated a furniture place near the Toby and may have found a new 3-piece suite that isn't too expensive.

Despite two meals out, I've stayed in WW point limits, not even using exercise points or weeklies, and have lost 2kg this week. No major milestones, but I am now on less points per day than before. I'm feeling healthier - bouncy and efficient, with "brisk" being the default walk, rather than "amble" or "plod".

Techy stuff - both the new phone and the tablet now run Android 4. Ah, yes, new phone - Dave and I now both have phones from Virgin Media, same people who supply our broadband, TV, and landline. It's a pretty good deal. MIne's a Samsung Galaxy 2, and so far, I like. I'm very impressed by how easy transfer was - once the PAC code was in, and the number switched to the new phone, all my apps, wallpaper, everything, transferred itself automatically. Well, all except the WW app I use, that isn't on Android Market any more, so I had to re-download.
Also discovered that if I load Dropbox to the phone, it'll automatically upload any photos I take to my Dropbox account, so they're waiting on the PC for me when I get home. Handy!

Sewing? That kirtle has gone from a length of fabric and a cutting diagram on the back of an envelope to an almost-complete garment. Side-gussets, facing for the neckline (it's  a good job I never throw anything away, if you were to lay that facing out flat on the inside-out-kirtle so you could see the shape, it would look a lot like a linen trouser-leg, and for good reason).
I need to do some hand sewing where the gussets meet, to get the seams to work, and to finish off the ends of every seam so I don't have dangling threads or a tendency for things to come undone.
It would be a good idea to either finish all the seams properly (no chance) or to run the zig-zag machine over them (some chance) before they fray to death. It would be nice to hem the bottom, and the ends of the sleeves, rather than rely on the selvage to do the job.
What I've absolutely got to do, to make this usable, is the eyelets so the front opening can be laced up. Before that, I plan on sewing that facing seam in place on the outside - hand stitching is probably easier than the machine, as well as looking better.
Three evenings, plus some of Friday (morning before I leave the house, probable hand-sewing time in the hotel Friday night/Saturday morning). I'll do it.

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I knew my weight varies during the day, and to get a clear(-ish) picture of progress, I should weigh at the same time each day. Just for a laugh, I weighed myself before going to sleep, then weighed again when I woke up. There's a kilo difference! Yes, I'd lost a kilo overnight (0.2 down from the previous morning, so daily loss is still sensible). I wonder where it's going? No obvious lumps of fat found hiding under the sheets....
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 Work trousers have, again, gone from "only if I don't breath" and through "bit baggy round the thighs"  to "how do I stop them falling down?" So, time to go through the wardrobe and see what I can now get into.

Sadly, no new trousers appeared, but I should have checked the dresses and skirts sooner. A rather nice dress, last seen in "don't breath" mode, is now threatening to slip off both shoulders at once, and can only be worn if I put a camisole under it - not something I'm included to do when it's this hot. Also, I have more smart black skirts than I know what to do with, and I don't wear black in summer.

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That's a theory, anyway. To fit in with the way hormones and enzymes and things fluctuate throughout the day, I'm supposed to more or less stop carb. intake at about 15:00. I know I can't do this completely without wobbling and falling over, but a tendency in that direction would be good.
I now have evidence to back up the theory. Yesterday, I didn't use all my points - 2 over at the end. I got exercise. I drank plenty. I put weight on :(
But, that was 3 points at breakfast, 7 at lunch, and 22 for dinner. All wrong, according to that theory. I think I'll take more notice of it from now on.
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I'm back on the diet, and this is my second weigh-in Monday. I weigh myself every day, of course, so I know if the Monday result is a reasonable one or a random wobble, but the WW site only likes to be given numbers once a week. I'd had to be pretty careful about points over the weekend, with two meals out (managing a full, filling evening meal last night on 2 points was a cooking triumph), but I reckoned I'd done OK, and looks like I was right. "You have lost 7 pounds!" said the WW site happily, and proceeded to give me links to advice on how not to lose weight too fast. Yes, I know, 2lb a week would be more reasonable, but this is effectively the first week of a diet, and the rapid loss is to be expected. This week I'll be dieting as normal, then we're in Snowdonia - more exercise, and probably more nice food.

The 2-point meal? Cauliflower cheese. Cauli is the main filler, and that's zero points. The cheese sauce was thickened with instant mash (close to zero points in those quantities), had leeks and mushrooms in it, plus onion powder and paprika, and the cheese was 1/4 of a tub of WW soft cheese, with a bit of parmesan sprinkled on top. Lots of flavour, even if it was more cheese&onion than cheese.
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Now I'm no longer weighing a bandage as well as myself, and can control what I'm eating instead of having it bought for me and put in front of me, it must be time to start dieting again. I'd expected to find that two months of eating anything in sight and no exercise meant I'd put it all back on again.

I've lost weight. I dropped four kilograms in that gap. Some of it may be because the bad leg is far less swollen than it's been for years, but... I've hit the 2-stone target in that gap, and gone beyond it. Two stone, 5.5 pounds, in fact.

OK! On to a nice diet-friendly breakfast!


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