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We were going to find a special shop that sold Things Wot Make Sawdust, via - somewhere. "Somewhere" turned out to be Wandsworth Bridge. 26 years ago, as an apprentice at BAe, I walked across this bridge as part of a sponsored walk. This was where a clerk, on the same walk, tried out the immortal chat-up line: "Would you like an Opal Fruit?". This time, we walked to the centre of the bridge together: and he offered me an Opal Fruit.
Dave on Wandsworth Bridge
We will now go and find power tools and an Italian restaurant.

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But I am a disorganised person who over-compensates. I'm in bed (with PDA and LJ-mobile), Dave is "just finishing off a few things on the PC". When he gets up at 5, he will find a Bear waiting for him in the kitchen. It is clutching a cuddly rose and some chocs, and will play a message when its paw is pressed. And there's more.. but here's Dave.

Edit the next morning: there was also a set of heart-shaped hand-warmers (he said he needed some for work), and once he got out of bed, I dropped a card and some biscuits on his pillow ready for him to find when he brought me my coffee.

The response? "You ****! I'll have to get you something now! All I got was a card." (pause as he inspects bear and plays back message). "Aww. Isn't she cute?"
(more pause, as we both open cards)
"I'm not working late after all. Where do you want to eat tonight?"

OK. That'll do. He's cooking.
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He's got that test booked (yes, going private speeded things up). Monday afternoon. And after that, we'll know more.
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A rather delayed post, this, but there were people I wanted to know about it directly first.
The above statement is true(-ish), but it was the fact that it was BAe Occupational Health saying it to me last Thursday that worried me.
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For future reference, while Moss Bros in Stevenage are pretty useless, the one in the Hatfield Galleria are friendly and helpful.
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Throwing this one to the LJ hive-mind, because we're stuck.

On Saturday 1st Dec. work are having a Xmas ball - free, to us and partners. Dress code is black tie. I'll spare you the story of my quest for a ball-gown, but we thought for Dave it was just a question of hire or buy, drop into a shop and arrange it a week or so beforehand.

It isn't. He's tall, he's got long legs and long arms, apparently if he wanted to hire, he needed to book it in August. We didn't even know the event existed in August!

He might be able to get away with his work trousers, because they're black. (Though being the same black as any jacket would be good).

Help? Ideas?
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I've said it before, I'll say it again. Here's the photographic evidence, and 'll C&P the description over from Flickr.
A bad day made better
Have I mentioned recently that I have a wonderful husband? Yesterday he came back from the shops saying that he'd thought I looked a bit tired and under the weather. (He was right). And bearing a bunch of flowers (only some of them are in this shot), and some readimeals so we didn't have to cook. Flowers chosen to be the types I like, readimeals chosen to fit the diet and, again, things he knows I like. All of a sudden, the house is full of Spring rather than spring-cleaning.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Mar. 1st, 2007 05:16 pm
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Yes, I do still exist. And yes, that's three separate "ow"s.

Ow 1 )

Ow 2 )

Ow 3 )

Tonight is St David's Day (well, it has been all day....) so I'd better work out what we're doing. See if Sainsburys can provide a bunch of daffs and some lamb, at least.

And tomorrow is Dave's birthday - he's got the pressie (new massive case for his various cameras), I've bought the card, but he has no idea what he wants to do to celebrate. Out for a meal? Dunno. Out to a film? Dunno? Evening in London? Dunno. Come on, give me some enthusiasm here!
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Dave just came back from doing the shopping (and picking up my prescription for me). He bought me flowers. Not to be excused for doing Something Bad, as apparently cynics would assume, just because. He even remembered what I like, what I don't like, and what is pretty but drops mess all over the floor. "Scented bouquet" - hyacinths, mini daffs, tulips, something white I can't identify, and some furry-bud covered twigs at the back.

He's lovely. Have I mentioned that before?


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