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Someone mentioned the other day the idea of Sian ferch Rhianneth returning to the Isles. I doubt it, to be honest - she was an enormous amount of work and stress to be, and stress overload was most of the reason I dropped the Isles. I did, however, invent a new persona, and realised when return was mentioned that I'd forgotten her name. Then this morning while, looking for something else, I found my notes on her, and on how she differed from Sian. Some bits (like her sub-group) would no longer work, but let me get them down here in any case.

Sian ferch Rhianneth
("Jane, daughter of Ruth")
(a Saxon word meaning "the joy of feasting")
OriginOriginally early Celtic (and proud of it), having left the mundane world after fleeing the battle of Arderydd 573, then went panhistoric to the point of preferring C14 onwardsFifth century, Welsh mother, Saxon father
Education, religionNone - illiterate. First knew Christians as the excuse for the invasion that wiped out her home, and continued to regard them with vague hostility and as a target for raids even after proof from Christopher of Kent that they were pretty good at making mead.Literate, thanks to church education. Happy to pay respect to whatever god or spirit seems relevant at the time.
WearsLots of bright colours, big sleeves, big houppelandes, and as much jewellery as she can get on at once, in the mistaken belief that this makes her look rich and powerful.
Hair held back.
Tube dress and bead string from shoulder to shoulder. Subdued colours. Hair loose.
PersonalityMeglomaniac, social climber, good at everything (in her opinion, and that of a fairly well-decorated baldrick)Quiet, self-effacing
Likely to be foundAt the centre of attention, shouting, or in the kitchen, shoutingAt the back of the feast hall, or possibly in the kitchen chopping vegetables.
Current locationUnknown. Set off up the Great North Road, possibly to survey her "empire" (Strongoak is defined as "the lands alongside the Great North Road", and Sian's definition of "alongside" is quite large). Has not yet returned.Was a minor member of the Qnim household, Strongoak, trying to avoid Gaeldricha's attention. Now homeless.
Offices, honours, etc.Warchief of Strongoak, former Alderman of the Far Isles, Silver Branch Bard, Grand Master Cook, Master (Autocrat, Needleworker, Herbalist, Crochetworker), Copper BellNone, nor likely to obtain any.

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One can't really say a funeral was "good", but this was... satisfying, I suppose. A funeral is meant to achieve things: a sense of closure, saying goodbye, learning about the other sides of the person's life that you hadn't encountered, meeting people you'd shared them with and sharing memories. This achieved all of that, and did it well. The whole thing was marked with the sort of "courtesy" that Enid would have approved of: no-one ever left feeling embarrassed, uncertain, left out, or unwanted. Or, of course, un-fed... the "light refreshments" at the church hall certainly brought back memories.

Very tired afterwards, it was all pretty draining. Dropped various people off on the way home, then grabbed kebabs in Henlow Camp. It's all Holly's fault for mentioning them :)

Will post more later: still slightly stunned by some of the things I was told. Stunned in a good way, it's OK.
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Been de-stressing and hence not updating much. So a catch-up, with multiple cut-tags.

Weekend - Pete and Shirley came round for Saturday afternoon and evening.

Read more... )

Sunday, caught up on some sleep. Read more... )

Sunday afternoon was Summer, Read more... )

Monday... work, the usual. Helen's birthday, and I now have a really nice source of E-cards, so I used it. It had been a couple of days since I last did a note/card to Enid, so Read more... )

Should have gone back to slimming/exercise class in the evening, but still feeling tired (and achey from the gardening), so skipped it. Instead, pulled out the fabric for Dave's new cloak. Read more... )

And then, late at night, I did a final check of email/LJ, and found Vaurien's post saying that Enid had died. Oh. Oh, various words that won't be appreciated by filters. Yes, it was expected, yes, it was as he says, in many ways a relief, yes, she went in the best way that could be expected under the circumstances, but even so... Didn't wake Dave to supply hugs, it's not fair. Bears are perfectly capable of soaking up tears. I expect I'll drivel on more about this over the next few weeks, I'm just starting to realise how much she meant to me. Dave did the sums - I'd known her for 18 years.

Ah well, on to more cheerful topics. Tuesday night, I went back to back-swording class for the first time for far too long Read more... )
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And I'm sure you're relieved to know that I just ran out of casing, so there will be a pause.

Sossidge news under here )
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These things are addictive. Hard work, but addictive.

Incidentally, the spelling has varied during many emails on the subject, but a "sausage" is one of those sad pink things that lurk in supermarkets, made from maybe 75% geniune pig products, and a Sossidge is a much stronger, healthier and more densely packed affair, containing upwards of 95% meat. At least, it seems that way to me.

Last night, did two batches of chicken. One was a chicken&lavender recipe Mel had found me that Bryony had used a few revels ago, out of the C13 Andalusian book. Nuts, spices, lavender, honey.... nice. Weird, but nice.

The other - Holly has issued me with a challenge (often a mistake). We're going to Mel's Burns Night do. Holly does not like haggis. So, I am to create a Sossidge-type thing which is not a Haggis, but which is Scottish. So, as my first attempt - Cockaleekie Sossidge. Chicken, leeks. Magic sausage stabiliser mix. Quantities? Well, as a newbie to sausage-making, it's important that I stick to precise and well-tried recipes, so.... come on, this is me. "About that much", plus "how much have we got left?"

And tonight, another experiment. There's an Arts & Sciences contest at Letton this weekend. I'm not going. But, having seen the theme and got my Sossidge addiction, I had an Idea (duck now!). The theme is things inspired by Lady (now Princess) Jane Fairbourne. And one of the many things she's famous for are her Beef & Oyster Pies. So..... I intend to create the Beef & Oyster Sausage.
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Yes, I should have done this a long time ago. But here's what I said in an email to a friend then, plus a few additions.
Nothing went as planned, but we all had a good time none the less.

No Tris - a stitch in his eye came out, or something. And most other people turned up late for one reason or another.

The intermediate harp workshop turned out only to have one pupil - me. So I learnt all about the ornamentation used in the Welsh tradition, as written down in the early 1600s, and even persuaded my fingers to play them. [livejournal.com profile] telynor is a VERY good teacher (I know, not news).

We have made gemshorns (well, partly, mine needs more work). We have made clay ocarinas (yet to be fired). Beginner harp workshops have been held, and the results performed during the feast (Saf, and an ancient Gascon lullaby that sounded a lot like Twinkle Twinkle). Charlotte had found a Russian play on the web, shortened and tidied it, and after afternoon rehearsals, this too was performed at the Feast. I did the beginner Speech workshop I’d planned, with assistance from Dan, and at least some of the performers should improve as a result. Covered Court appearances in some detail, since that's often a tricky one. Not just kids, Trudi was there, and said she got a lot out of it.

Brenda and I read though the first part of "Mak the Sheepstealer" - marvellous medieval play. A slight expansion on "and there were shepherds in the fields watching over their flocks by night". It turns out that they were also whinging about the cold and having trouble with their sheep being nicked.

We sang some rounds at the feast - Brenda started us off, but as a first for me, I did end up doing one section on my own with no support. Yeah, little steps, but steps forward.

Oh, yes, there was a feast - Mel's cooking, 'nuff said.

We danced. Chris is getting good at leading dancing. Brenda is good on recorder, you know what Gwen's like on a harp, and Dan can be a dance band by singing the tunes.

Many stories - I did the first section of Beowulf as planned.

Break outside to look at stars. I made the mistake of saying I was sure there was a story about the Pleiades, and of course Gareth said any Silver Branch worth their salt would be able to tell it. Grrr... So I and my PDA retreated to meditate. A short Google later, I returned, we summoned them back inside, and I told them the story. And another about Hercules and how he tricked the father of the Pleiades, Atlas.

More dancing. And singing.

Sunday there was field archery: I skipped that, tried to get my gemshorn finished. Failed.
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as a means of storing garb, I hope. Or at least, better than the carrier bags I've used in the past. One pillow slip per outfit, with a tie that shows me what the outfit is so I can tell what's inside without opening everything. Well, that's the plan. We'll see.
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Since I spent all that time making the stuff, a report back.
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Jan. 25th, 2006 09:41 pm
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Well, that was a good weekend.

Thursday and Friday off to cook and travel, and that made the whole thing much less stressful than it's been in the past. And Dave lent me his car, with roofbox, and helped me load it.

The cooking bit )

Meanwhile in the main hall...
Twelfth Night )

It was a pretty good weekend bard/performer-wise, if not as good as I'd hoped.
Bardic stuff )
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I did a bit more in the week, and Chris and mob came round today.
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Spent the evening over at Chris' last night, being fed on various medieval cookery experiments, discussing what to do for the food at Letton, and so on. And Tracey and the girls were there, and it seems they're all coming to Letton. Great, first full weekend revel for them. "So what are you doing about extra garb?" I asked. It seems they weren't. One dress each, all weekend. And Diane's at least was never intended for running around in.

So.... Read more... )

right, off to:
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All in two weeks. And that's just Far Isles.

A week later is Mel's Burns Night do - need something to wear, and a performance piece. Dave won't be going, but has decided he'd like the tartan trousers I was going to make anyway. So I need to get them cut out by then, and my matching sash made, and let Mel have her roll of tartan back.

Still need to keep the Swords game I'm running on the move (and write some stories that'll be background to the next bit of plot), play in Hazard Fort, since my PC has the lead at the moment (a RQ game that's been going for six years, and she's being tested to see if she can become an initiate!) Keep working on some background Gloranthan fiction for the Continuum con book in the summer.

More dress-making needed for when the ACW season starts - picked up my Vivandiere skirt and jacket yesterday, and it's very smart! Now I need the breeches and blouse. Oh, and we're going to re-write the Washington Artillery consitution, and there are improvements I want to do to their web-site, and oh yes, the Regimental Dinner is coming up and I'd better plan what I'm cooking for it...

Dave bought me Civ IV for Xmas. Looking at that to-do list, I don't dare install it.
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I had an idea I'd have problems keeping this up to date...

Camcairdndryth AGM went well, Read more... )

Since then - working bits at weekends, not much time involved but I do need to connect to the work servers every morning and evening. Three days off in the middle of this week, general relaxing and shopping. And a trip up to West Point to be measured for that new vivandiere uniform. Jayne will do me the jacket and skirt in Washington Grey wool, I'll do the blouse and the pantaloons (once she's sent me a pattern!)
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Work is fun and challenging and exciting and....

yes, but there are drawbacks.

account of evening )
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Spent a bit longer on the PC Saturday morning than I'd intended, but despite leaving late, still got to Miki's more or less on time. The M25 behaved itself for once.

A good revel. Civilised. Games-playing, chatting, I did a bit of background harping though (as always) not as much as I'd intended. Much singing and telling of stories over the feast (the Fitz-Johns did their usuall excellent job of feeding us). I did "Sir Patrick Spens" as planned, though with a freeze just before the ladies get to wring their fingers white, for whch I will continue to kick myself for some considerable time. Also gave the Sherriff a beginners book of nice easy harp pieces, since it was his naming day revel and he wants to start learning. Will see him next week at the harp weekend!

At Miki's overnight, along with Brenda, so much happy chatting that night, the next morning, and over a pub lunch.

And then the skies opened: "the lift grew dark and the wind blew loud", as I was saying the previous night. And the M25 was less cooperative as a result.

Right, back from the Isles to the other worlds I inhabit. Caught up on the Upland Marsh, and on Hazard Fort. Need to do the next GM input to Swords, they've stopped chatting and are off to investigate the temple basement. And must get out of indecision paralysis in Shadowworld. Oh yes, and got to go to work...


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