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Saturday afternoon and evening: Bardic Revel, up at Mel's. So that meant Friday night cooking (a recipe for rabbit stew that I hadn't tried before, and was great) and chopping (the bits for Buttered Worts). Saturday, pack car with harp, sheet music, books of period stories, eating gear, garb, sleeping bag....
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Easy drive up, had a great time, food well received, ability to tune harps appreciated, unpracticed random harp twiddling as background to dining enjoyed, and then a Real Harper (well, in comparison) borrowed my harp, and played pretty tunes on it. With both hands. And chords. Me impressed! There were stories, there was dancing, there was rummaging through my sheet music collection for dance music.

Stayed over that night, then most of the gang went to archery and I went to the TORM reenactment market. Met Dave there, and also Tony Horobin and family (plus lots of other people I hadn't actually arranged to meet), and picked up some bits that [livejournal.com profile] clothsprogs is lending me, via Tudor Tailors.

As a result of doing some research for my little sister, I now know a lot more about Elizabethan shoes than I used to (greater than zero is not hard).

I did not buy much. Honest. And almost all of it wasn't (directly) for me anyway, so it doesn't count.

Oh, did you want that rabbit recipe?
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Been de-stressing and hence not updating much. So a catch-up, with multiple cut-tags.

Weekend - Pete and Shirley came round for Saturday afternoon and evening.

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Sunday, caught up on some sleep. Read more... )

Sunday afternoon was Summer, Read more... )

Monday... work, the usual. Helen's birthday, and I now have a really nice source of E-cards, so I used it. It had been a couple of days since I last did a note/card to Enid, so Read more... )

Should have gone back to slimming/exercise class in the evening, but still feeling tired (and achey from the gardening), so skipped it. Instead, pulled out the fabric for Dave's new cloak. Read more... )

And then, late at night, I did a final check of email/LJ, and found Vaurien's post saying that Enid had died. Oh. Oh, various words that won't be appreciated by filters. Yes, it was expected, yes, it was as he says, in many ways a relief, yes, she went in the best way that could be expected under the circumstances, but even so... Didn't wake Dave to supply hugs, it's not fair. Bears are perfectly capable of soaking up tears. I expect I'll drivel on more about this over the next few weeks, I'm just starting to realise how much she meant to me. Dave did the sums - I'd known her for 18 years.

Ah well, on to more cheerful topics. Tuesday night, I went back to back-swording class for the first time for far too long Read more... )
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Well, mainly good. Went round to the health centre after work for Nurse Rosie to do a "doppler" test
things medical )

And then home to pack, eat, and dither, then drove up to Mel's in the rain. There's a choice of turnings from the A1 to head to Melton, and I missed all but the last one - must have been driving on automatic or in my sleep or something. Arrived as it was getting dark, tired, airmattress hates me, friends are good )

Next morning life looked a great deal better. Woke at 6 as per usual Read more... )

Sunday involved more being awake harps, pottery, spears, and why not to attack a Bard )

And Monday was a case of dodging the rain, healing and home )

Now I just have to post to a few games including the one I run, finish off that bit of translation/English polishing for Gregory, answer Donald re. his latest post about Kallyr (ILH2 has made us revise some of our thoughts on her Lunar opponents), finish an army or two ready for Berkeley, oh, and do that Sun County structure that keeps getting delayed :(

I have a nasty feeling there's something else, too...
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I have infected a new Harp Addict. And this time she's 16 months old :)
Parents said "no, don't touch, it's fragile": I said, "have a go, but very gentle" (well, "tres doucement", because she's French). She had a go. She was very gentle. She did pluck individual strings, not just a random glissando. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a tune, but she enjoyed it, and we ended up having to hide the harp behind the sofa to get her to do anything else (like eat or sleep).

Parents incidentally, when having a go themselves, said "no, I know nothing about music", followed by "which string's Doh?" and in his case, picking out a tune.
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Took a half day and Dave picked me up from work, then off to "The Original Reenactors Market". Not that we needed anything, as such, but.... Dave got some new boots, I got some horn spoons (better for early period than my pewter one), there were beads, there was a book about Confederate uniforms that was illustrated with pictures of, well, us... and while I did spend over £50 on fabric, it wasn't for me. Got a useful picture for the Scavenger Hunt. And found a nice looking (and sounding, more importantly) little harp that might do Saf (follow the "other harps" link). Also a harp book for me - easy medieval music, Mel Bay.

Then on the way home (4:30 - escaped early!) remembered there was a new Ikea at (or at least, near) MK. Pulled out PDA and Googled for location - yep "somewhere near" is right, but their web site had a map. And we wanted some shelves for the computer room. So, a trolley-load of things we hadn't realised we needed and a nice meal later, we headed for home. Tired, but a very satisfying day.

Now Saturday morning, Dave has gone to work, I've loaded a couple of Scavenger pictures to Flickr, and once I've updated this, will walk into town, pick up a letter that someone didn't put enough postage on, and see if I can find some "Multi-colored graffiti" to take a photo of (Scavenger item 18). I'm sure there were other things on the to-do list, too.

This afternoon we get to test-drive his chosen new car - a Fiat Doblo. Based on a van, so will carry just about anything, but also comfortable and fast. He says. We'll see.

I'd like to get more done on the army and stronghold for the May wargames event, but may run out of time. Still, quite a bit of it I can do while sitting watching TV this evening., Yes, me watch TV, I know, this comes as a shock. But there's a pile of DVDs we intend to watch, so we have a diary booking for the purpose.
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Yes, I should have done this a long time ago. But here's what I said in an email to a friend then, plus a few additions.
Nothing went as planned, but we all had a good time none the less.

No Tris - a stitch in his eye came out, or something. And most other people turned up late for one reason or another.

The intermediate harp workshop turned out only to have one pupil - me. So I learnt all about the ornamentation used in the Welsh tradition, as written down in the early 1600s, and even persuaded my fingers to play them. [livejournal.com profile] telynor is a VERY good teacher (I know, not news).

We have made gemshorns (well, partly, mine needs more work). We have made clay ocarinas (yet to be fired). Beginner harp workshops have been held, and the results performed during the feast (Saf, and an ancient Gascon lullaby that sounded a lot like Twinkle Twinkle). Charlotte had found a Russian play on the web, shortened and tidied it, and after afternoon rehearsals, this too was performed at the Feast. I did the beginner Speech workshop I’d planned, with assistance from Dan, and at least some of the performers should improve as a result. Covered Court appearances in some detail, since that's often a tricky one. Not just kids, Trudi was there, and said she got a lot out of it.

Brenda and I read though the first part of "Mak the Sheepstealer" - marvellous medieval play. A slight expansion on "and there were shepherds in the fields watching over their flocks by night". It turns out that they were also whinging about the cold and having trouble with their sheep being nicked.

We sang some rounds at the feast - Brenda started us off, but as a first for me, I did end up doing one section on my own with no support. Yeah, little steps, but steps forward.

Oh, yes, there was a feast - Mel's cooking, 'nuff said.

We danced. Chris is getting good at leading dancing. Brenda is good on recorder, you know what Gwen's like on a harp, and Dan can be a dance band by singing the tunes.

Many stories - I did the first section of Beowulf as planned.

Break outside to look at stars. I made the mistake of saying I was sure there was a story about the Pleiades, and of course Gareth said any Silver Branch worth their salt would be able to tell it. Grrr... So I and my PDA retreated to meditate. A short Google later, I returned, we summoned them back inside, and I told them the story. And another about Hercules and how he tricked the father of the Pleiades, Atlas.

More dancing. And singing.

Sunday there was field archery: I skipped that, tried to get my gemshorn finished. Failed.
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Spent the weekend up with [livejournal.com profile] melismobile celebrating Burns Night. She'd asked us to bring, among other important things (such as some malts), a piece by the Bard to perform. Many such can be found here

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Spent the evening over at Chris' last night, being fed on various medieval cookery experiments, discussing what to do for the food at Letton, and so on. And Tracey and the girls were there, and it seems they're all coming to Letton. Great, first full weekend revel for them. "So what are you doing about extra garb?" I asked. It seems they weren't. One dress each, all weekend. And Diane's at least was never intended for running around in.

So.... Read more... )

right, off to:
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All in two weeks. And that's just Far Isles.

A week later is Mel's Burns Night do - need something to wear, and a performance piece. Dave won't be going, but has decided he'd like the tartan trousers I was going to make anyway. So I need to get them cut out by then, and my matching sash made, and let Mel have her roll of tartan back.

Still need to keep the Swords game I'm running on the move (and write some stories that'll be background to the next bit of plot), play in Hazard Fort, since my PC has the lead at the moment (a RQ game that's been going for six years, and she's being tested to see if she can become an initiate!) Keep working on some background Gloranthan fiction for the Continuum con book in the summer.

More dress-making needed for when the ACW season starts - picked up my Vivandiere skirt and jacket yesterday, and it's very smart! Now I need the breeches and blouse. Oh, and we're going to re-write the Washington Artillery consitution, and there are improvements I want to do to their web-site, and oh yes, the Regimental Dinner is coming up and I'd better plan what I'm cooking for it...

Dave bought me Civ IV for Xmas. Looking at that to-do list, I don't dare install it.
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OK, so Friday was a bit manic.

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Harp weekend workshop - fun!
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[livejournal.com profile] telynor got in touch by phone, and logistics for next weekend are getting settled.

Did a load of tidying, so there's some chance of having somewhere to put people. LOts more tidying still to do. And I keep finding projects that I thoght I'd finished, but I hadn't.

Still, on the bright side, I've found my repro-ACW watch! I was right, I had put it somewhere very safe where I couldn't lose it!

Got Mel's harp out to finish the re-string, thinking that even if that one in the middle is something I'll leave till I have an Expert to hand,I can do the rest and get it tuned up. But, the bottom octave that I'd already done won't hold. Three or four strings, the peg just slides flat within seconds. I've tried the "thump it" trick, and I'm reluctant to thump too hard. So I sat and stared at it for a bit, hoping for inspiration, and fell asleep over it.

Dave is still working every day, but at least they're letting him out on time now. 6.5 day weeks are a bad idea, even so, and he's knackered in the evenings.


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