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I said I should do more of this, because it's good for my mental health, so how did I do?
I took knitting on holiday, and got quite a few more repeats of the edging for the lace shawl done.
I finally mended the strap for the drum bag, adding big pieces of thick leather to the soft (torn) leather where it's supposed to join the bag. So far, it's staying on one piece.
What I've been spending more time and thought on, though, is cards. I've picked up magazines and looked at the freebies, I've bought bits, and I've made things. Finding a reason to make them is harder than expected, since I don't make useless things, but it's rather fun.

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We'll see what excuses I find to make more cards, but I have 3D butterfly-shaped ideas. What still puzzles me, though, is how to get thme into envelopes without squashing, and how to get them to survive in the post.

Next up, back to army painting, I think. There's these trolls.... and I have a to-do list to improve the Orlanthi, and the Lunars... and I'd like to get the Dragonnewt one done for Berkeley....
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 While I can still just about remember what I did.

I'd promised myself that I would take it easy this year - only just done my first full (nearly!) week back at work after over 2 months off sick, so I'd need to allow for getting tired easily. So, minimise prep. activities, think of myself as a consumer not a producer, chill.... yeah, right. The pre-Continuum to-do list posted Wednesday night shows how well that went.
Read more... )So, during that weekend, I've been Lunars in three events, Sundomer in one,  non-Gloranthan in one, and Sartarite only for a few songs. There's something wrong here. 
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HOTT Avalon is coming up soon, and I'd been wanting to do this pair of armies for it for a while. For once, historical armies using 15mm figures. Very little weirdness - just rather a fun story. Bear in mind the tournament takes place in Glastonbury.
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But on a French keyboard at Gregory's place.
Quick catchup, mainly for future reference for myself.
Thursday night, ferry to France. Drove a couple of hours, slept in the car in a service station till about 6, breakfast, drove on to Fecamp, on the coast. Walked along the stoney beach under the cliffs, went to the Benedictine distillery, bought bottles. Farmers market, learnt that the French have different words for venison depending on the gender of the animal.
Lunch, "bulets" turned out to be whelks, not pickled, like snails, delicious! Galette with andoillete sausage (the one made from tripe), cider. Cheese board. Close to my perfect lunch, given where we were and what I wanted to try.
Drove to Gregory's via a traffic jam and some interesting back roads. BBQ in the evening after a nap.
Now it's Saturday, not sure yet what we'll be doing.

Have now done Saturday. Rambouillet market (new fruit bowl and incredible scissors that cut everything), lunch involving galettes and cider again, then home to play games. Gregory and his camera have blogged this, so here's a link:
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But I said I would, so...

Saturday night we did Big Battle Glorantha - three armies a side, a combined Orlanthi/troll/dwarf force against the Lunars, in a campaign that may have been to re-capture the ruins of Whitewall - or not. I got to try out my "matching" armies, the Crimson Griffin against Kallyr plus paladin. I didn't in fact learn much, as the addition of a road made a lot of changes to the norm. The Orlanthi won. In fact, we won so thoroughly that no Lunar troops were left on the table.
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I don't like magicians. Someday, I will have to insert Kallyr's newly acquired dislike of Leeks into a story.
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Yes, it's that time of year again when I head off to the Tudor Arms near Slimbridge for a weekend's wargaming. Very good pub including accomodation, BTW, well worth using. Real ales, real ciders, real perrys, good food.
As usual, I drove down Friday, had a pleasant evening in the bar with friends, and will be home Sunday night.
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Yesterday was HOTT BAPP, up in Burton at the Beer & Pretzels show. The theme this year was "when we were very young", 40mm frontage, so I took the Ivor army I'd done for HOTT Cymru and reprinted it in the smaller size. They'd also asked for Sneakers to be included in each army so as to test out the new Sneaker rules. Yes, "reprinted" - Ivor was originally paintings on cardboard flats, and that's what I was doing here. Print figures, with the name and unit type printed on each base, cut out, glue to card.

Conclusion 1: sneaker rule never tested, sneaker never had a chance to Do its Stuff.

Conclusion 2: if your army consists mainly of Hordes, with a Warband general and a Dragon lurking in the wings for that elusive roll of a 6, you do not want to be facing Knights. Guess what every army I met had as its main troop type?

I did not get the prize for coming bottom: but I only missed it by the last die-roll.

I think I'll be redesigning that army. HOTT geekery follows )

Next year, the theme will be "classic gold", and we're asked to provide matched pairs. 40mm again. Others are considering various historical kings, and the Aegetean Empire, but my thoughts turn to 10/15mm Glorantha, and the Sun Dome Templars. I already had plans for a 15mm/10mm High Llama army (I possess 40-odd unfortunately identical llamas in 15mm and some 10mm infantry to act as riders), now I need to sort some 10mm phalanx - and the special units to go with them, which may be somewhat harder.


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