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Sam warned me. "And somewhere, amid the mountains, the Bears are planning," he said. He was, of course, quite right.

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I'm sure I can find some if I look hard enough. Today was supposed to be a free day in Chur. Well, we spent it in Chur...
Goosefeather pillows and duvets are a Good Thing. Soft, comforting, and even better at hugging you better than a Bear.
Camomile tea is a Good Thing. Very soothing on the tum. Hotel staff who provide not just a cup of it, but a complete pot, with extra hot water and sugar, are a Good Thing. And it was free - still, they're saving the cost of three dinners and two breakfasts so far.
Ensuite rooms where the loo is only three steps stagger from the bedside are a Good Thing... And that's probably enough information to be going on with.
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No Internet access except via the PDA until Chur, and even here I'm paying for it. So I've pre-written a lot of stuff, and will now upload pics and cut&paste a lot of back-dated Livejournal entries
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I'm looking across the valley at the Matterhorn, while sipping hot chocolate and feeling a little lightheaded from the altitude. Will edit in pics later: like this!
View with hot chocolate
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Home to Dijon.

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"Where's she gone now?" is about to be Switzerland. This little trip

St Pancras early tomorrow morning, a one-night stop-over in Dijon, then four nights in Brig, and the Glacier Express to Chur for another three. Back via Cologne (we're adding an extra night there). Home on the 15th, just in time for fight practice.

Hotels (links for my reference later in the week!):
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No more work. Well, a few hours between Xmas and New Year, but this is basically a break now.

The "Classic FM Christmas" double CD is good. All the "classic" carols, done by definitive performers (lots of Kings College Choir), all the descants I really like, and used to sing as a treble. Some great soloists, too: Bryn Terfel is one of my favourites, and Aled Jones is if anything even better as an adult singer than he was as a child.

Little Car got two new tyres this morning. The cheapest available - Pirellis. Ouch... That was 8am, and the market was open, and so were the shops. Got the veg for Xmas, did some clothes shopping (jeans, warm top for Switzerland).

Switzerland - the tickets and so on have come through. Detailed itinerary, guide books, maps.... starting to get all excited about this now! It's nice to have these few days "off" to do the anticipation, for that and for Xmas.

We're sorting and tidying, so there's room to do Xmas prep on Monday. I don't mind "clutter", really, but it'll be nice to have that bit more space.

Tomorrow we'll be driving to Norfolk to pick up Dave's latest Ebay purchase. A car seat, to be adapted to go with his new steering wheel for driving sims. The seller is very close to Letton Hall, so we know where we're going.

I have vague ideas of setting myself a little writing challenge - a story for each of the twelve days of Xmas, to be released on each day. Well, I've done the code that displays each on the right day.... will I write the stories?

And harking back to work, the Careline "Secret Santa" this year presented me with.... not quite a "My Little Pony". Maid Marion, on horseback, wielding broadsword. Costume not bad, sword and pose looks fine to me.
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We have a 20th wedding anniversary to celebrate. We thought we'd go away somewhere nice. Probably somewhere warm (and therefore expensive). Today Dave came up with another idea: and it isn't "warm". The Glacier Express, across the Alps. The price looks expensive, until you realise that that's all travel, all accomodation, and most meals. And first-class rail travel at that.


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