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While I'm linking to photos: how worried should I be to come home and find this?

Bears online

New bear!

Aug. 12th, 2013 06:23 pm
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Who, me?
We went round the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and I went into the shop mainly to show Dave a few things, and to practice manoeuvring in a propelled-by-me wheelchair, and then we met him.
Captain Bear

We've checked his rank (Captain), but don't yet know his name. He's figured out that despite being the newest bear to the Hug, he's also the senior officer (the next in line being a Lieutenant in the Washington Artillery), and has an unfortunate delusion that any Navigational Bear in charge of a car he's travelling in must be his chauffeur. He isn't interested in Hunny, but seems to be quite partial to a G&T.

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That's tidied up another WIP. I started this back in 2009 on a course Gwen was running, teaching us how to do jumper design with very small models, and got stuck on the sleeves. Then I lost the bag it was in, found it, lost it, found it, looked at it and felt confused, lost it... you get the picture. Recently I've been doing a bit more knitting, and got my confidence back, while also having some free time, and on the "found it" part of the cycle. It had got as far as having done one sleeve, but not made notes about where I'd done the decreases. Before I tried to work out what had been done, I tried it on the bear, and a good job too. Decreasing down to 50% of the armhole at the wrist might work for some bears, but not this one.
Here's a picture I took back in 2009 and had forgotten about till I started setting this up on Ravelry.
Sleeve decreases
So I took the one sleeve off completely, and redid it. Goldie's upper paws are more or less the same width all the way down - no decreases needed.
Two sleeves have been knitted, the neck has been picked up and knitted, and I have a Happy Bear.
Goldie has a new jumper

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The main "new toy" being that this post is the first thing I'm doing on the main PC, which is now on the dining table, with cabled internet access. Two full-size screens are a rather different proposition from the 8-inch on the netbook, so I'll be able to start seriously looking at the holiday photos, among other things. I may have to adjust things a bit - I need to be able to get onto the chair in front of it, and then swivel myself round, so at the moment it's a bit far out from the table. May bring down an office chair, but the problem with a thing on castors is that it's on castors, and that means problems getting myself in and out. Slight back-ache starting up at the moment, and slight pain in the knee from the leg being elevated with no knee support, but we'll work that out.

I'm now better able to carry things around the house, due to aforementioned new toys. One is a "gardening apron" we picked up from Aldi a while back. I have no idea what it has to do with gardening, other than being part of a lot of gardening-related things they were selling one day, but it has great big front pockets that I can fit things like phones, water bottle and small plastic boxes in, and it's purple. The next is a slightly home-made bodge. I took a canvas recycle-friendly shopping bag, and sewed enough tapes and elastic on to attach it to the front of the walking frame. That let's me carry bigger things, as long as they aren't too heavy and don't need to be kept strictly upright. We're going to have to test some plastic boxes to see which are genuinely leak-proof before I try to carry hot meals around the place, but it looks promising.

The other bit of sewing was somewhat overdue - several decades overdue, from the look of it. I think I mentioned in a FB status update that I'd got home to be greeted by large numbers of anxious Bears, many of whom had developed sore lower left paws in sympathy. This included my very first bear, and on inspection, his sore paws weren't just from sympathy.

That's him a few years ago, and he hasn't got any healthier with the passage of time. So, he's had some careful "internal patching" of the yellow parts (plain yellow linen put under the original fabric and sewn in), and a complete set of new pads sewn over the top of the existing ones. No new picture yet, but he's a lot happier, and in less danger of falling apart when hugged.

Now, I wonder what else the big PC will open up to me? Work email...?
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Not that there's a lot to say. There should have been, but my "this cannot be a cold, I do not have time for a cold" has turned into, surprise, surprise, a cold. So I've been doping out, eating leftovers of turkey and gammon and so on, doing fairly mindless things and trying to sleep - usual problem of lying down making breathing difficult, but our lovely new reclining armchairs provide a a nice half-way option for dozing.

Read one of the pile of new books - "The Hobbit". I'd been amazed and horrified to discover just before Xmas that I didn't have a copy, so slapped it on the Amazon wishlist, and it duly appeared.

Haven't played with the new card-making toys as yet, but I have sorted things out a bit, so all the Xmas-related bits are in one box ready for next year and I can find the table.

Tried to carry on with the knitting I'd been doing, but while the four DPNs the piece was on are right there in the bag, the fifth one I need to knit on to isn't :(. Just been on Ebay, and after looking at prices, ordered a circular in the same size. I'd been playing with thick yarn and huge needles, after seeing something made from three DK yarns knitted together at a craft show, and the result knits up fast enough that I get a result before I get bored.

TV - seen a bit of Marple, and some Judge John Deed that Dave had recorded for some reason. Added a belt-loop to some trousers that were starting to fall down while watching (had planned on doing knitting..)

Diet is being ignored. Weight is being measured so I know how far up it's gone - I added another 2kg in Brussels, and about the same over Xmas so far. Oddly enough, size is staying about the same.

Haven't yet unpacked the new Wii, much less installed or used it - the cold de-incentivises these things.

Have hugged the new Bears. Wilson, the Sightsaver Bear, turns out to be a smaller brother to Harpur, the hospital bear. The stowaway who came with him is a rather quiet and shy little bear, whose name is probably "Noel".

Cooking - after the massive cook-fest on Xmas Day, not a lot has happened. The turkey carcass was stripped and turned into stock, I made an omelette this morning, and that's been about it. Preparations are starting for the Saturday bash, when I throw "tradtional" and "conventional" out of the window, and go for "I bet you can't...", "that looks like fun" and so on. It's a mead-tasting, but my nephew was quite keen on having medieval food (and possibly costume?) to go with the mead, so I'll be playing.
The goose, guineafowl and quail are defrosting, and tomorrow I'll acquire a chicken between the goose and guineafowl in size, bone the lot, and do a quadruple Bird. I'd been considering going up to five, but may just use stuffing to fill any gaps. Then there will be "something with chicken and fruit" by request from my niece, who doesn't care for multiply-stuffed things - I have ideas there, and I get to play with a toy that doesn't get used often enough, and the C13 Andalusian Cookbook - my notes for Djej Mquali look good. Just need to sort out some veg that isn't boring (maybe Buran from the same source?), and decide which of the many possible starters and desserts I fancy doing. Oh, and the chutneys and sauces - I have quinces, and am not afraid to use them.
A rather complex medieval chutney designed for roast meats
Sauce Madame, to go with the goose, though in this case I won't be cooking the ingredients inside the goose, as it'll be full of other birds. l
Since I have goose grease, I'll probably roast spuds in it - not medieval, but why not?
I quite fancy doing Crustade Lumbard for dessert, but practicality may dictate using up the pumpkin pie, Xmas cake and mince pies that didn't go at Xmas dinner. Or I could buy a lot of exotic fruit and do a fruit salad.
Days of Xmas - I did indeed get my figurative turtle doves yesterday, on the second day of Xmas. I hadn't realised, my parents had never had Xmas alone together since they'd been married, so that's what they'd done on Xmas day. Aww. My dad phoned me up and "purred" at me afterwards, not having read the LJ echo of the blog post till too late.
Today, third day of Xmas, should involve three French hens. Well, it involved chicken liver pate that had French wine in it, and defrosting some (possibly French? who knows?) chicken from the freezer.
Tomorrow is the Four Colly (or Calling) birds. I will have at least four birds present, but I doubt if they'll be "colly" (black), nor Calling.
Saturday, five gold rings... hmm.... will have to think about that. Something in the table decorations, perhaps.

Anyway, time to go and reheat some turkey, gravy, assorted veg and so on.

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It's been ages since I put a LOLcat up here. This one's a LOLbear - thanks, Rein!
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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And it got quite a lot packed in, too.
Knitting and wargaming, but not together )
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You Are A: Bear Cub!

bear cubBears are strong and independent creatures who roam in the forest in search of food. Bears are usually gentle, but anger one and be prepared for their full fury! You're tough, you won't back down from a fight, you have a bit of a temper -- classic attributes of a bear. Intelligent and resourceful, though lazy at times, you are a fascinating creature of the wild.

You were almost a: Pony or a Kitten
You are least like a: Squirrel or a ChipmunkWhat Cute Animal Are You?

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Yes, the Trier hotel has internet access (in the foyer). I can reach the WIFI from my room (apparently I shouldn't be able to), but it isn't free.

Did photoediting on the baby laptop, transferred to USB stick, brought them down. First small batch, Flickr happily used the modern uploader (yes, nice fast connection), but now refuses to recognise Flash, and insists on using the basic uploader. Six at a time. Aargh.

We've got two nights here, after an overnight ferry and drive. Spent today on the Porta Nigra (just opposite the Mercure hotel!), a coach trip round the sites, and in the town museum. Yesterday about all we managed was a gentle stroll and a meal.

I'll edit in links back to Flickr eventually, the upload is taking forever.

Lunch involved "Schwartenmagen" at "Theo's", a place just opposite the Porta Nigra on the town side. And I'm exploring various LA beers. Pics can stay over on Flickr for them.

Museum full of good things including a model of the town as it would have been in medieval times, and on the top floor at the back of all the textiles... OMG they've got a Coptic Sock!!!!
sparing anyone who isn't a textile history geek )

Oh, and we met a new bear....
That doesn't really do justice to his fur colour, he's more honey coloured than that. I'll try to do better later.


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