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Sunday after Dave had gone to work, the builder who'd done our bricking up came round, Read more... )

Weigh-in Monday night Read more... )

Back home and refreshed, did some serious pruning of the Apothecary's Rose, Read more... )

Then, after planning an early night, got attacked by a story. Read more... )

Tuesday morning once Dave was home: dig up and pot rose and rhubarb. In fact it rained and we got no builder, but at least my plants are safe, and the rhubarb decided to split, so I have a root for [livejournal.com profile] tattercoats to try again.

Then off to the doctor to get the results of my bloodtests. It seems that everything is boringly normal, and my blood pressure is down lower than we've seen it for years. Still need to get that liver scan done, though.

Tuesday evening - backswording. Read more... )

Wednesday - evening off, Dave was on days, so home. And knackered (he's been working silly hours for far too long).

This is Thursday. Builder's back today, he and his son arrived just as I was leaving.

The assorted gears and motors and things for my BUA arrived yesterday. Read more... )

Plans for tonight: hug my husband.

Plans for Friday: LondonGlorantha pub-meet in the evening, Read more... )

Plans for Saturday: go to see Anthony and Cleopatra Read more... )

Plans for Sunday: might go to an extra back-swording session, might not.
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Weigh-in tonight, it being Monday. I knew I'd lost inches what with my ACW skirt being too loose yet again. Well, half-way through the eight-week special, we measured all sorts of bits of me, and yes, I'm two inches down on the waist, three on the hips, and proportionally all over. And 2.5 lb this week.
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I'd thought I was going to have to work this weekend - in fact I got away without that, but did spend a lot of Saturday catching up on sleeping (it's been a busy week). And dozing in front of the PC while searching the photo archives for things for the new month's Scavenger Hunt.

And then... BBQ, car boot finds, running )
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I got my race pack this evening, complete with Official Number. So I can set up my "sponsor me" web-page, and of course I did.

If you'd like to encourage me to get fit and lose weight, and give some money to a good cause, take a look here.

5km? In July? I must be mad...
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Weigh in tonight - and I've lost my first stone! OK, so it took me nine weeks, but I did it!

And I'm doing things in the Exercise bit that I'd never have managed a few weeks back.

Onward - let's see how far I can take this. I've ordered some sports bras so I can go running without giving myself two black eyes, training for that Race for Life can begin once they arrive. After dark, when no-one can see me wobbling along the pavement.

I'm mad....

Mar. 7th, 2006 05:23 pm
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We were saying at the slimming club last night that things like sponsored runs looked like useful incentives for this Get Fit idea. Sadly the one done by the club is while I'm on holiday.

This afternoon, work email suggests a company team for the "Race for Life". "Only" 5km, in July. Well, why not?

I've entered, via the firm. Once I've got my registration details, I'll be able to set up a "sponsor me on-line" page. I'm now looking at the suggested training schedule, and considering running. After dark, when no-one can see me!
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Saturday over in MK for the Concrete Cow con. Played in a Tekumel game (fun!), then ran Peace Process. A bit disappointed with my GMing, but talked it through with Neil afterwards and he reckons it was just one of those things.

Sunday migrainy. Started painting the figures for the Kallyr base for Gloryday (and for my army general, eventually).

Much on-line discussion of Beowulf, will have to take this further!

Monday migraine hit halfway to work, had to pull over on the way until I could see. Shuttleworth Collection staff very sweet about it.

But (good bit!) I'm wearing some trousers that two weeks back I couldn't have got into, much less done up.


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