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No, this isn't really a "vote for me" post, though that's what the link will take you to. By all means vote for my photo if you think it's good enough, but just looking through the other entries, and perhaps entering yourself, may interest some of my FL.
My pic is in the "quirky" category, BTW.

"You can view your photo on our website by clicking the link below: http://photo.wwt.org.uk/gallery/single/1291 Our People's Choice winners will be decided by visitors to our website, so forward this email to friends and family to be in with an even better chance of bagging a prize. And, by voting, they could also win a membership to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, which gives them free access to our nine wetland centres plus an assortment of other benefits. Remember that you can enter as many (different) photos to our competition as you like before the closing date of 31 October, 2010. Good luck!"
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A follow-up: a few pics I took while wandering around Holborn. On all, click through to Flickr and a better look
Read more... )
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Computer Weekly have a monthly competition, I discovered on browsing their website a few weeks ago. So I looked at the theme, laughed, snapped off a few quick pics at my desk, posted them to the appropriate Flickr group, and forgot about it.

Today I got a Flickr mail asking for my contact details so they can send me a prize. I didn't even know there was a prize!

Edit: it just arrived. Can I think of any uses for a £50 Amazon gift certificate?
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Maybe... this is the second time someone's wanted to use one of my photos. No, the third.

First time, as reported here, was Schmap, using a picture of a Bristol pub. Second time was also Schmap, but they'd got their geography wrong, and once I'd pointed this out, they didn't get back to me.

But this time... this time it's the BBC. They've got a GCSE revision website called Bitesize. They're producing Flash movies of each of the poems on there. And for this poem, they want this photo. There's a contract to sign, and everything.

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Almost entirely for [livejournal.com profile] telynor's benefit. While wandering around the Uffington area, getting lost and looking for somewhere to turn round, I found this. It had space to park, and I could use it to turn round. So I did, and also applied a camera.
Here it is on Google Maps.

and under here )
are a couple of pictures, taken from the same spot but facing in opposite directions.
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Dave had another of his inspirations for the weekend: since we liked birdwatching so much, why not go to the RSPB's Bird Fair, near Rutland Water? So we did that. It rained a bit, but the event was VERY well organised, and we had a great time being amazed at all the places you can go on birdwatching holidays, all the ways you can feed birds in your garden, and all the pretty optical toys.

Ah, yes, gadgets. Who, us?

my camera acquires a New Toy )
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Dave has been coming up with Ideas about this relaxation thing. (Because I'm still lousy at it). So last weekend, since we were both at home for once, we headed towards the north Norfolk coast. Stopped in Castle Rising for coffee, decided against unexpected "battle reenactment" that was apparently going on there, and ended up in Hunstanton instead. It's very "typical British seaside", and it was a lovely day. Took lots of pics, felt nostalgic about childhood seaside holidays, did not purchase or use bucket&spade. Jellied eels for a snack, then fish&chip lunch.

There's lots of photos in my Flickr photostream, but one of my favourites is under here )

In the afternoon, we carried on round the coast, with birdwatching vaguely in mind. I'd done a lot of that as a child and teenager (much of it on this coast), Dave had been introduced to it by my dad shortly after we met, but neither of us had done much for years. We went to Titchwell Marsh, and were surprised at how much we enjoyed it, and how much we'd forgotten about birds :( There was a nice stand there that persuaded us to rejoin the RSPB.

And, again, we took pics. In my case, these included a nice scenic shot of distant rain over marshes
under here )
one of a woodpigeon that decided to pose in an elderberry bush
under here )
and some rather unsuccessful shots of waders. As I say in one of the comments, I need a better zoom lens.
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Well, actually at Sewerby Hall, near Bridlington, with the ACWS. For once, we were trying to represent a real battle not just a "might have been" scenario, and it was one where the Washington Artillery were actually present. And, what's more, I'd visited the real site last autumn. So there will be lots of photos under the cut tag )
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Got up to find Rain. Drat. Pulled plants out of car and put them on the patio table, so at least they can get rained on. Dithered around the house for a bit, then... market, more plants )


May. 19th, 2006 07:27 pm
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I'd more or less decided I wasn't doing much with the garden this year - we're away almost every weekend, and for two and a half weeks in June, and there's no point in inventing work and watering that won't get done.

Only... guess what? )
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Over on Flickr, I've been introduced to a group called "Monthly Scavenger Hunt". You get given 20 things to go and take pictures of, post them to the group, admire other peoples, and so on. It's rather fun.


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