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 I seem to have found a few videos on ways of doing this, and all the methods I've seen so far have been faster than the one I know.

Next to no knife work, same end result as I get.

Turkey. This splits it at the breast, not the back. Pliers to pull tendons out - that's a new one on me.

Both of these separate the fillets from the rest of the breast, where I usually try to leave them in place.

Thats econd video has links to all sorts of interesting things, which I wish I had time ot be distracted by. But
 will resist.
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They said it couldn't be done. I disagreed. 
I went to a card-making group - I couldn't have the cake on offer due to sugar overload. "What can we do for you next time?" they asked.
"Don't worry, I'll bake."
So far, so easy. But another lady also wasn't eating cake. Her limits are:
  • No gluten
  • No eggs
  • No dairy
When it comes to sweet things, she eats chocolate.

So, after a bit of research, an Experiment hasd come out of the oven.

200g gluten -free flour (I happened to have white bread flour in stock)
20g Splenda
50g / ml coconut oil
3 tsp bicarb of soda (not baking powder, that contains flour)
About 200g finely chopped apples
250ml boiling water.

Mixed the lot, sprinkled the top with Xylitol to make it caramalise, in at 200 for 45 minutes.
The quantities filled Small Loaf tin and Tiny Loaf Tin.

It's cooling now. We'll see.

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 I just got reminded that I'd been intending to get to some of the "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" events, and in particular the one in Spalding on the 1st/2nd of September. August has flown past, and that isn't very far away at all. Early Tudor, I'm told. Time to think through what I've got, what I need, and what the differences are.

Well, I could wear my houpellande, the one I made for Coronation years and years ago. It's early, but I'm a kitchen skivvy, it must be a hand-me-down. Better, though, would be a chemise and kirtle - linen kirtle, by choice, in this sort of weather. I've been pointed at a pic of the sort of thing I need - short sleeves, not too fitted. Yes, I could do that - I drafted a cutting pattern over lunch, planning on raiding the fabric stash when I got home. (At this point my costume-making friends will be nodding, the the others will be going "you what???? Yes. No pattern, I really don't need one for anything this simple. It's a question of attaching rectangles and triangles to each other).

So, once home, I cleared the piles of clothes from the lid of the fabric stash, and went diving. LInen? Yes - but anything heavy enough isn't big enough, and vice versa. I need about 4 yards of 60", and all I've got in that size is underwear-weight white linen, black cotton (why?) heavy wool, silk, or velvet. So I need linen, and I need it fast. Herts Fabrics is an option (though I don't like the £10 delivery charge, I might drive south and visit) or I've left a message with Bernie the Bolt, who's likely to be somewhat cheaper.
Edit: Bernie's daughter does Hitchin market on Tuesdays. So I'd have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning, for sewing. Possible, but tight. I'll email him bakc, and we can have a phone chat tonight.

What else? I raided the drawers of reenactment gear that haven't been looked in for ages. Yes, I have several chemises, and should be able to get into all of them. I have headwear. I have a belt pouch and belt - a rather nice "bollock pouch". Shoes? This may be a problem. I used to have a  very nice pair of Tudor shoes, but lymphodaema meant I couldn't get into them any more, and I'm pretty sure they've been passed on. I can't find them, anyway. Looks like I'll be in Dave's dark age boots, the furry ones. I can't yet find any aprons, but I'm sure there's plenty around, and I can easily run up a fresh one if needed.

If I can be sure of having a solution to the "what to wear" question, then I can try to book accommodation. If that isn't an option, the place is an hour and a half's drive, I'll day-trip - but I'd rather not.

Edit, as a thought occurs: one of those chemises is linen. Quite heavy linen. I could dye that, maybe? It's almost one-piece, though, not quite the right style (C13, I think?), but at least I know there's enough material there.


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