May. 17th, 2015

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 Up at 5 to drive the already-loaded car round to the car boot sale. Last time we did this, I froze to the extent of buying an extra coat and hat from other stalls, so this time I was in walking boots (found at the mack of the garage and miraculously, they fit!), fleece, extra fleece gilet, and had an extra coat, hat and gloves, in the car. So, of course,  it was a beautiful sunny day.
The G&M growers site has the advantage of being next to a duck pond, so there may be ducks. I wasn't expecting the groups flying over, nor the skeins of geese (mostly Canada), nor the house martins or swifts, and certainly not the magnificent views of a red kite hunting directly over the stalls. If only I'd had a camera....
I managed to walk round the complete area, all rows, and without a stick. Those supportive boots made quite a difference.

Slow start, but we ended up making £90 or so - it's being saved as "holiday money". I may have been the only person there to manage to sell all the loom bands I'd taken with me, and I managed my first ever sale as a professional crafter! I have sold a card! Having had feedback from the last time about what people wanted, I'd adjusted the range on offer, simply by using up oddments from other cards I'd made recently, and one of the last ones, put together at about 1am, was what went. "It's different," said the happy customer - yes, my cards are.

Onward to put things away, and start research for the latest card commissioned. I'll do a few that meet the criteria, giving me more spares for sale, plus running off all the ones I was asked for today and didn't have. Also, I want a proper display/storage box for them. I got it half-way designed while I was there (wandering around stalls looking at the competition), and came up with some other ideas for things I could make - things that other people might have been selling if their presentation had been better. Sorry, but showcasing your output by screwing it up at the bottom of a dirty box labelled "all items 10p" is not good marketing.


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