Jan. 1st, 2015

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It looked like being anything but, when I was still in PJs at 10:30, but then we got a text to say we were going to get visitors. So we needed to tidy the place, and the visitors meant a delivery opportunity for something I'd been intending to make.
Quite what, and for whom, remains secret until the intended recipient gets it. But I'd had a sort of dare that it might be possible to make something, and I'd got the material, and some vague ideas, and dithered around not doing anything. It was a sewing machine job, and that meant finding the dining table, and I couldn't face doing that much.
But we'd cleared the place up, the table was visible, and clearing it right off didn't take much doing. So I sat down with fabric, and vague ideas, and some sample objects to fit, and eventually came up with a cutting diagram that fitted the fabric. There were a few arguments with topology, and a few times when I realised I needed to make a few extra cuts (but no cases of "drat, I shouldn't have cut that). A few things had to be redone, and at one point I think I was well on the way to sewing a 4D Moebius Strip. But I got there, and Dave inspected and pronounced it good.
So there I was with time to spare, and fabric to spare. A matching set of things would be nice, wouldn't it? There was something else that one of the ladies in the MIND group had said looked easy to make, and on inspection, she was right. So I did. Then I did another smaller one of those, since I quite fancied one myself.
Cleared up, took photo of items made, and Dave kindly hoovered the dining room table, dining room floor, and my jeans. That fabric sheds!

That was about 5 hours solid concentration on one thing, overcoming obstacles, and not forgetting what I was doing and wandering off. Compared to a few weeks back, massive progress!

Yesterday, by the way, I finally summoned up enough enthusiasm/nerve to fire up the very new (thank you, Santa) Portable Purple Pavilion - a tablet/netbook device that runs Windows 8. I got the setup done, I got all the installation done I wanted to, I've sorted out most of the network connections I need. Again, lots of concentration over a long period, and on the sort of "techy" things that I've been blanking on for far too long.


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