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I'm not quite sure what to call these, but they're even more Scotch than the normal recipe.

Last year (or was it the year before?), I got a request to provide something non-haggis as an alternative at Mel's Burns Night party. I did, among other things, Cockaleekie Sossidges.
This time, I've used the same sausagemeat mix, and done Scotch Eggs from it.

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Been a bit quiet, but I'm still here.

Next weekend I'm up at Mel's for Burns Night, and Dave is wargaming here with some friends. For this, he needs 40 20mm WW2 skirmish figures. He bought them, he bought the paints. Then he discovered that his eyes have changed, and he needs new reading glasses. So, I'm painting the figures. 40 of them. By Saturday. This has made a serious dent in my time: and the remains of the cough had already left me in work-eat-sleep mode.

Went along to backswording on Tuesday, as an observer only. Learnt a lot. Putting it into practice will be another matter.

Performance assessment time in work - went fine. I get to learn new toys in the coming year - .Net and Visual Basic. Sounds like fun.

Still playing Knight Fight, bit of Tribal Wars, though getting a bit bored with that now.

Oh, and I have Sossidges to make tonight - I want Haggis in sizes suitable for one. More casings (and a coarse cutter for the mincer) arrived yesterday. I will be haggis-making and painting figures tonight. Will try not to confuse the two.
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And I'm sure you're relieved to know that I just ran out of casing, so there will be a pause.

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These things are addictive. Hard work, but addictive.

Incidentally, the spelling has varied during many emails on the subject, but a "sausage" is one of those sad pink things that lurk in supermarkets, made from maybe 75% geniune pig products, and a Sossidge is a much stronger, healthier and more densely packed affair, containing upwards of 95% meat. At least, it seems that way to me.

Last night, did two batches of chicken. One was a chicken&lavender recipe Mel had found me that Bryony had used a few revels ago, out of the C13 Andalusian book. Nuts, spices, lavender, honey.... nice. Weird, but nice.

The other - Holly has issued me with a challenge (often a mistake). We're going to Mel's Burns Night do. Holly does not like haggis. So, I am to create a Sossidge-type thing which is not a Haggis, but which is Scottish. So, as my first attempt - Cockaleekie Sossidge. Chicken, leeks. Magic sausage stabiliser mix. Quantities? Well, as a newbie to sausage-making, it's important that I stick to precise and well-tried recipes, so.... come on, this is me. "About that much", plus "how much have we got left?"

And tonight, another experiment. There's an Arts & Sciences contest at Letton this weekend. I'm not going. But, having seen the theme and got my Sossidge addiction, I had an Idea (duck now!). The theme is things inspired by Lady (now Princess) Jane Fairbourne. And one of the many things she's famous for are her Beef & Oyster Pies. So..... I intend to create the Beef & Oyster Sausage.


Jan. 15th, 2007 10:46 pm
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OMG. 95%+ meat content is GOOD.

Froze most of them. Didn't do the chicken ones tonight - knackered. Still coughing all the time. Maybe tomorrow.


Jan. 14th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Today I had my first play with the sausage-making kit Strongoak got me for Xmas. Results can be seen as a Flickr photoset here. And 18 pork & cranberry sausages are sitting chilling in the conservatory. Now to go and get some chicken out of the freezer ready to make another batch tomorrow!


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