Feb. 19th, 2015

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Dentist this morning - I'd been called back because on studying the X-rays, she had an idea she could save one of the many teeth due for extraction. She looked, she got a colleague to look, and then she put a filling in it. I have one more working tooth!
Since I was down in Stevenage anyway, I dropped into Hobbycraft (as you do) and got a few more storage bits and some assorted inkpads.
Onwards to Tesco, where I acquired some of the Chinese needed for tonight, the sandwiches needed for tomorrow's no-brain breakfast and lunch, the ends of some reduced cold meats (Tesco are good at that!), and some reduced sushi. I have heard of "full price". It happens to other people.
Hitchin, and Tim's art supplies for an extra glass paint (I was good, that was all I bought), then Chilli Banana for lunch, and a dawdle/hobble round various charity shops (buying nothing).
Whew. Since then, have put the new storage bits to work, drunk coffee, and eaten sushi.
Next, go and check the cows' feet I put in the slow cooker before I went out - they're supposed to turn into gelatine for the making of a Gala Pie for Saturday.
Also plan/prep for Chinese tonight, most of which will be home-cooked.
That means finding the kitchen..... last used for making pancakes, and it shows.
Finished the coffee, better go and Do Stuff.


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