Feb. 5th, 2015

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Don't know where my get-up-and-go has gone, and but it's got up and went, taking any ability to make any decisions with it.
So far, I have managed:
Bins out - that had to be done, no decisions to be made. Took tablets. Drank coffee. Cleaning food bin and replaced bag? Nope.
Spent two hours trying to work out what to have for breakfast. Cooked breakfast (scrambled eggs on toast).
Wrote an RP post on a gaming forum.
Stared blankly at PC for about 4 hours, dozing and trying to decide what to have for lunch.
Got dressed.
Ate the end of a pot of pasta salad.
Went to Sainsburys. Acquired sandwiches for tomorrow's breakfast and lunch, so the decision paralysis can be overcome tomorrow, tonight's evening meal (stick it in the oven), a few bits for recipes I quite fancy playing with, a new top, and a card-making mag.
Came home, made stir-fry for "lunch" (about 16:00) using spare veg from the fridge, prawns I'd picked up at half price, instant noodles, and packet sauce. It was rather unpleasant. Ate it anyway, it's good for me.
Removed free gift from card-making mag. Tried to read mag, failed.
Came up to big PC, wrote this. It's almost time to go back down and put the oven on.
Pulse is pounding, singing sound in the ears, vague ache in the chest. I probably ought to check my blood pressure. 

Tidied kitchen, done washing up. Food bin has been disinfected. Dinner is ready to go into the (heated) oven once Dave's back. I haz coffee!


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