Aug. 4th, 2012

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Working in IT isn't quite like anything else. There we were at 18:00 on Friday night, discussing (in between the details of this particular framework and OO and MCV in general) why we were still there and who if anyone was getting paid for this, and I said "it's because I'm a sad git who actually enjoys my job".
There were puzzled looks. "Everyone enjoys their job, don't they?" said one of the others. The rest nodded in agreement.
Well, no. Most people, in so far as I can tell, do their jobs because they have to to get paid. For us - at least, for the three of us working late, unpaid, on a Friday night - we do our jobs because we love doing them, and getting paid is a pleasant bonus. It's a good feeling.
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but it's a problem when you have this many interests. Found so far, to be put away or binned:

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I can't even see the desk yet, there's still more under there.
I could make a start on putting this lot away. Or I could push it towards the back of the desk (rather like those seaside amusement machines where the coins are pushed into higher and higher stacks until a pile give up their tentative grip on the platform and slide down into the collecting box with a satisfactory "whoosh... rattle, rattle") and go and have breakfast.


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