Jul. 27th, 2015

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 Mended a pair of trousers.
Prepared for, and attended, a workshop on how to start up one's own business
Acquired three more craft/art books (workshop was at the library, library was disposing of excess stock at 3 for £1)
Read a document about how to start a craft business, and whimpered slightly at the insurance implications.
Been told that while I'm on this new scheme (start up own business), I can get JSA without having to job-hunt
Arranged time-place for next job interview
Read description of a couple of jobs that initially looked promising
Chatted to IT recruitment agent about possible part-time IT roles
Read templates for business plan and assorted other financial things
Arranged to attend another parallel workshop on setting up a business for Thursday (about an hour after the job interview and 40 minutes drive away)
Sorted out envelopes and packaging for various commissioned cards.
Ordered most of the party food
Cooked three meals (plus enough leftovers to cover tomorrow as well)
Finished off two brooches I'd been making, and put them plus the previous few into plastic bags ready for sale
Assessed possible methods of acquiring cheap raw materials for business, put some into motion
Felt guilty about how little I'd got done today.

I think I deserve a glass of wine. And after that, back to work - I have a letter to write and another card to design, make, and enter into a competition.

edit: it seems that I also have to work out why LJ doesn't echo to Facebook any more :( So I'm deleting this and reposting, having altered a few settings.


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