Jun. 5th, 2011

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The other week, I spotted a micro-irrigation kit in Aldi for £6, and bought it.

Today, I pulled it all out of the pack and started serious inspection and measuring.

It comes with an adapter to fit it to an outside tap, which is good. I've tried it on the tap at the front of the house, and it works - sort of. A bit of a leak twixt tap and screw-fitting - they suggest PTFE tape, and they're probably right. Trouble is, we'd need to unscrew it whenever we wanted to use the big hose, and screw that one instead, The big hose also leaks in the same place.

Futher measurement suggests that once I've run the hose all the way round the house, there isn't going to be enough of it. Easy solution: back round to Aldi, and pick up a second kit.

Back to the "connect it to the tap" problem - the kit suggests buying an extra part that will connect ths hose to a standard full-size hose adapter - such as our big hose already uses. That would mean no more screwing and unscrewing of ajoint we're trying to make water-proof, just leave the existing bit in place and click on the required hsoe each time. Only trouble is, they don't suggest where to get this bit from, and Google only finds me other people with the same problem.

A thought. There are other micro-irrigation systems, if vastly more expensive. If any of them use the same bore hose, their adapter could work for this. So I headed for garden centres with a small sample of my hose in my pocket.

Yes. A system called "Gardena" uses the same bore: 4.6mm, it seems. They had one left of a thing that looked as if it would do what I wanted, and would cost me £16. (A starter kit equivalent to the Aldi one would have cost me about £60). Further inspection on-line once home agrees that this is the gadget I need. Only one trouble:its link to the "standard" hose click-fit is male. So is the junction on the tap. I'm pretty sure we've got a female/female somewhere, but I'm not sure where, so operations will be delayed unti Dave gets in. He can probably advise on how to attach micro-hose to wall, as well.

Since the websites for Gardena also supply a connection to make their hose compatible with Hozelok micro-hose, I think I won't be bothering to look at that - I know it's not compatible!

Next problem to solve is getting micro-hose into plastic Aldi greenhouse, through theplastic sheet wall, without causing irrepairable damage. I think a punch and an eyelet may be called for, the sort of thing normally used on tents. Better see what the sewing room can provide.

Then again, experimention over for today - it's raining.

Edit: Dave is now home, and as expected, knows where the female/female adpator is. It's on the other end of the big hose. The big hose that already runs from front to back, and is a lot less prone to damage than the tiny one. So I take the hose, click off the current sprayer, click on the New Gadget , hook hose into the hanger for the strawberry pot, and.... yes. That'll do. Time to get down to some design of where all the junctions go.


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