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I'd thought I was going to have to work this weekend - in fact I got away without that, but did spend a lot of Saturday catching up on sleeping (it's been a busy week). And dozing in front of the PC while searching the photo archives for things for the new month's Scavenger Hunt.

And then...

Got some shopping done, mowed the lawn (some bits had got over a foot high). Looked out what we'll need for France - I can't believe there's less than a week to go! I haven't even started the excited anticipation and planning yet, haven't had time.

Tried to have a BBQ in the evening, but the disposable thing failed to produce enough heat to cook chicken and we finished it all off under the grill.

Invented a new recipe for mango salad, since a mango had arrived in the organic veg box - cube mango, chop spring onions finely, add lime juice and a squirt of balsamic glaze. I'd have prefered to use red onion, but spring onion was in the fridge and red was not. The result was nice.

Sunday - more sleeping. And then a car boot sale, and a Plan. It's about time I started training for this 5km run in July - the on-line beginners plan says six weeks. And the thought of running off from my house, with all the neighbours watching me wobble down the drive, makes me cringe slightly. But I have a car - I can start whereever I like. What I need is a 5km circular route, or a 2.5 km there-and-back one, flat (since that's what I'll be doing). And on the way to work is a long straight bit of road, after the bottom of the hill and before I get into Cardington. I wonder...? and after a visit to Google Maps, I wonder no more. There's a layby just before the switchback and the bridge over the old railway, just before Cardington. From there to a particular farm junction is 2.5 km. A bit of screen-dump and cut&paste later, I have a route.
My running route

Now, what to wear? I need to try on a few things for France anyway... there's a few pairs of shorts in the bottom drawer that I haven't even near been able to get into for ages... ooh, I can now!

Right. Car-boot first, it's on the way. A big car-boot today, too, the weather must have brought them out. Found an ancient sewing machine that might be Victorian, and for £4 I'll risk it. And some tiny "silver" goblets that I want to make an SCA drinking game - I need seven, there were nine there.

Back to the car in a happy manner, queue forever to get out, and onward to Cardington. It's hot. Check training plan - one minute run, one minute walk, repeat ten times. So if I do five repeats there and five repeats back? I won't go the full 5km today, I know. And no stop-watch - OK, count it. 60 steps of each.

Much much later I stagger back to the car and absorb water. It's hot. And I have to do this every two days from now on. I think I'll be getting up early, or waiting till I'm nearly asleep at night. But the real run is in late July, daytime.... oh dear.


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