May. 19th, 2006 07:27 pm
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I'd more or less decided I wasn't doing much with the garden this year - we're away almost every weekend, and for two and a half weeks in June, and there's no point in inventing work and watering that won't get done.

Only... there I was nibbling the pack of "sprouting seeds" that comes with the organic veg box, and noticed some ready-germinated chickpeas. And thought "I wonder...?" and shoved four of them in a pot. They're growing. Pretty feathery shoots. So I need do do summat with them.

Then Mel suggested a Far Isles harvest festival sort of thing, and I wondered what I could bring that would be home-grown and period. Rhubarb isn't quite it.

So I wandered out and looked at the garden. It's all too obviously fertile ground in which things grow.

Googled chickpeas while in work - yes, this should be possible. So I visited a garden centre on the way home, and then went out with the big green recycling bag and hit the garden. There is now free soil, looking all expectant. And in the footwell of the car:

Cherry tomato, "Tumbler", same as I have every year. It's intended for hanging baskets and so on. I put it in a big pot, and let it trail over the edge.

Yellow tomato. That's all it says about variety, "yellow". Sounds interesting - probably an upright one. It can share the big pot, now I've found the pot.

French parsley. It'll need a pot, no way it can cope with the Battle of the Herb Bed (which seems to need some umpire intervention, but I digress). Take look here, and read the Notes.
The Battle of the Herb Bed

Two pots of carrot seedlings. White carrots. It said "kiddie veg", but that doesn't bother me.

Two trays of lettuce seedlings, one Lollo Rosso one... erm, I forget, but another red one. They'll be ready to harvest at different times, it says on the label.

And I'd better check the seeds I've got lying around. Radishes would be good.

I'd intended to plant this lot out tonight, but the headache that had been threatening all day is getting worse, and it keeps trying to rain. Tomorrow morning. Just clearing the space was enough for tonight.

Will edit this post later to add before and after photos, I hope.
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