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Well, more like quiet satisfaction. I take a photo with my phone, leave the phone downstairs, walk upstairs, and there the photo is on the PC. Dropbox synced it while I was walking up the stairs. I could still pull photos off with a standard USB lead if I wanted to (must remember to put one in the case for the weekend), but I can wander around taking pictures with my phone, knowing that when I get back they'll already be on the PC waiting for me.

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Surprisngly well, actually. I got a lot of things done that weren't in the plan, mainly because I had a Dave around to enjoy, so we did things that it made sense to do together - like eating lunch out. Saturday he was working days, but Sunday he was on change-over, and Monday he managed to wake up much earlier than usual, so that was a day and a half of "ooh, look, I have a husband".  Lunches have occurred at the Lounge and at a Toby carvery. We also went to the Homebase 15% off day and got a new strimmer, a new laundry basket, and some more plants (aubergine that already has small fruit on, my one having failed due to neglect, and some herbs to go in the front bed), acquired and used bird food, watered everything that needed it, and on Monday, investigated a furniture place near the Toby and may have found a new 3-piece suite that isn't too expensive.

Despite two meals out, I've stayed in WW point limits, not even using exercise points or weeklies, and have lost 2kg this week. No major milestones, but I am now on less points per day than before. I'm feeling healthier - bouncy and efficient, with "brisk" being the default walk, rather than "amble" or "plod".

Techy stuff - both the new phone and the tablet now run Android 4. Ah, yes, new phone - Dave and I now both have phones from Virgin Media, same people who supply our broadband, TV, and landline. It's a pretty good deal. MIne's a Samsung Galaxy 2, and so far, I like. I'm very impressed by how easy transfer was - once the PAC code was in, and the number switched to the new phone, all my apps, wallpaper, everything, transferred itself automatically. Well, all except the WW app I use, that isn't on Android Market any more, so I had to re-download.
Also discovered that if I load Dropbox to the phone, it'll automatically upload any photos I take to my Dropbox account, so they're waiting on the PC for me when I get home. Handy!

Sewing? That kirtle has gone from a length of fabric and a cutting diagram on the back of an envelope to an almost-complete garment. Side-gussets, facing for the neckline (it's  a good job I never throw anything away, if you were to lay that facing out flat on the inside-out-kirtle so you could see the shape, it would look a lot like a linen trouser-leg, and for good reason).
I need to do some hand sewing where the gussets meet, to get the seams to work, and to finish off the ends of every seam so I don't have dangling threads or a tendency for things to come undone.
It would be a good idea to either finish all the seams properly (no chance) or to run the zig-zag machine over them (some chance) before they fray to death. It would be nice to hem the bottom, and the ends of the sleeves, rather than rely on the selvage to do the job.
What I've absolutely got to do, to make this usable, is the eyelets so the front opening can be laced up. Before that, I plan on sewing that facing seam in place on the outside - hand stitching is probably easier than the machine, as well as looking better.
Three evenings, plus some of Friday (morning before I leave the house, probable hand-sewing time in the hotel Friday night/Saturday morning). I'll do it.

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Vodaphone have given me my PAC code, Virgin have been told about it, and the new Samsung Galaxy S2 is fully charged and wlll come into use sometime on Friday. I should then have phone reception in remote places such as North Devon, North Wales, and the east end of our lounge, have more memory in my phone than in my desktop computer, a screen big enough that my failing eyesight can read it, and a whole new learning curve to get through as I master the interface.

Once it's proved to be working, I'll have to decide what to do with the current Nexus One (HTC in a thin Google-flavoured disguise). Two years old, but a nice little smartphone even now. I could get about £25 for it, or friends-cycle it, if anyone's interested
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Vodaphone tell me I'm due for an upgrade, and yes, I've had my Nexus One for about two years now, so I'd agree.
In fact  I won't be staying with Vodaphone - we have Virgin Media for the landline, the Internet, and half the family mobiles, so we get excellent tariffs from them, and their coverage is based on T and Orange - much better in a few areas that are important to me, like my house, and that of my sister (north Devon).
I'll be staying with Android - I like it, I know (more or less) how to use it, it syncs nicely with my Google Calendar and Gmail (not my primary email, but forwards there).

Requirement spec:
Primary importance to me and my failing eyesight is the clearest screen I can lay my hands on. The current phone gives me  480×800 on a 3.7" screen.
I need it to act hands-free in the car - the Nexus One has a rather nice docking station/charger.
The current phone keeps running out of space. 32Mb isn't really enough.
I'm on Android 2.3 at the moment - Gingerbread. I'd like the new one to at least be capable of running Icecream Sandwich, or it'll be obsolete too soon.
I use it as a GPS when walking around cities - Google Maps.
I use it to keep up with email, Facebook, and Livejournal.
I use it for Google Search when out, and that means reading any web page that takes me to.
Voice control (primarily in the car) would be good, but has to WORK, with no hands-on intervention, and cope with background noise. This isn't for messing around asking Siri the meaning of life, it's for "Phone Dave", and getting Dave, not a menu that means I have to look away from the road and touch it.
I won't be playing graphical games on it. Suduko, maybe solitaire or backgammon, that's about it. I won't be watching films.
I do use my phone to take pictures, but don't need anything special in the way of Mp. A good lens would be more important, but still only a "nice-to-have" - I have a high-quality compact camera when I need one.
I use it as a music player, often via Spotify.
There's one new facility that I strongly suspect I don't want - the latest Samsung apparently switches off if you're not looking at it. Doesn't sound like a good idea if I'm using it in speaker-phone mode on the desk, or hands-free in the car.

So, what's around? Any recommendations or anti-recommendations?

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Those of my FL considering Android phones might find this comparison of use
I have a Nexus One, and I'd agree with what they say - great phone if ytou can get it.


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