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A decision has been made. My craft room / games storage room / painting room / computer room / study is going to have to become dedicated, full-time, to this thing of being a craft teacher. It's no good having the things relevant to that being in piles because all the shelves are full of Stuff.
A "shelf" is an area about three feet long, here.

So, I need to find homes for....
About two shelves of roleplaying books and notes, mostly Gloranthan.
Why do I have so much sheet music up here, when all the instruments are downstairs? Well, apart from the instruments I'm part-way through making, but that counts as "craft".
A quarterstaff? Really? And is that a sword I see lurking in the corner?
Boardgames. No room to play them in here anyway. Looks like about half a shelf.
Two shelves of armies. Ah, looking round at the piles of boxes on the drawers by the door, make that three shelves. How many armies do I have???
About a  shelf and a half of computer manuals - they're all over a year old, so obsolete by definition
Hardback fiction - probably about a shelf. 
Just realised this last two categories are double-stacked. I have no idea what's at the back.
About three shelves of "I have no idea I can't see it behind the boxes"
Paperbacks, 2-foot shelves - ah, one of those is also RPG books. About one shelf-worth is craft books, and can stay. The other 7... hmm.

But I don't want to lose any of this!

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