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That's chutney as in "I made it myself, and I did not fill it with sugar". Mango chutney is bubbling away, BBQ sauce will follow, then there's bean pickle and banana chutney to consider.
But first, I needed to arrange jam jars to put the results in.
I have a couple of empty jars sitting on the side, not yet having been engulfed by Dave's tendency to assume that if I haven't used them in the half-hour since they were washed, I didn't want them and they should be removed/hidden. Two wasn't going to be enough.
I used to have a lot that he told me had been hidden in the garage, but the other week when  I asked him to go and get me one to use as a salad dressing shaker, he told me he'd taken the entire collection to the bottle bank the previous day.
So, we were going to have to buy some Kilner jars or similar. But first, he needed a hand loading rubbish from the garage into the car, ready to go to the skip. That included the bags of bottles for the bottle bank (yes, the ones he'd said he'd got rid of last week), and the old cardboard boxes, and... that's a bag full of jam jars. That's another bag full of jam jars. In fact, that's about six months of jam jar collection that he kept telling me he'd thrown away.
The new plan is a quick soak to remove paper labels, and then to run a dishwasher load that consists entirely of jam jars.

Chutney recipes, by the way: the mango one is a Delia one, but done as quarter quantity, and with the sugar replaced by Xylitol
Mango still has high natural sugars, so I'll need to be careful, but it's got to be better than shop-bought.

The BBQ sauce will be from the BBC Good Food site, with, again, sugar replaced by Xylitol.

Bean pickle will be the adapted version of the recipe Helen gave me, and banana chutney is a quick no-cook one I've had for ages.

I may even have time to cook dinner tonight - or we might grab a pizza.


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