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I've discovered lactose-free milk - "real" milk that's been treated with lactase. It doesn't make me ill, and it behaves just like the real thing. So, I'm going back to using milk again, and trying to remember all the things I used to enjoy when I could take it.

Can I still make a roux-based sauce? Cauliflower cheese says yes, I can.

Angel Delight? Dave made me one up, as he does for himself though in raspberry flavour rather than his preferred butterscotch. Nice, but while he may think a packet in one go is a reasonable quantity, I think that's about three servings.

Tonight - custard. Banana custard was the plan. I've acquired a tub of instant custard powder, and on reading the instructions, I see it can be made in the microwave. Great! Mix and cook in the same measuring jug I need to use to get the quantities right, eat from it as well, save washing up. I'm a bit cautious, so when I saw the cooking time and the "stir half-way" instruction, I started it off with a third of the suggested time. This was good. It had indeed splashed a little, and definitely needed stirring. Back in again for another minute and a half, this time with a plate on top. Go and stir other things. Beeep.....
That's the first time I've seen something in the microwave jump out of a covered jug so effectively that there was nothing left in there at all. Every drop of custard was on the turntable. The plate was clean - how, I'll never know. Nothing on the walls or roof of the microwave, and only a few stains left on the inside of the jug. Fortunately with a bit of care I could pour the whole lot into a bowl, add banana, and eat it.
Next time, I think I'll do it on the stove-top.


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