May. 30th, 2015

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Yesterday, instead of the usual MIND social, there was a MIND Council meeting, with a suggestion that I might like to go along as a "service user" rep for Biggleswade. So I got in the car, set up the sat-nav, did a 30-min drive to a place I'd never been to, and attended a meeting of 30-40 people, most of whom I'd never met. I did the round-the-table intro without a problem. In coffee break, one of the actual real staff from Biggleswade suggested that I might like to give the report to the group on how Biggleswade were doing.Who, me? Yeah, all right then.
Not that I had much idea what to say.... so I listened to what other groups reported on, noted interesting differences, jotted down a few illegible reminder notes, and gave mini presentation as requested. Both staff members present agreed that I hadn't missed any points. No panic, no stuttering, no more nerves than might be considered normal for someone asked to do that at short notice. We agree that it's time for me to move on from being a "service user" to being a volunteer, complete with training and resulting qualifications - though I'd stay a user at Biggleswade, and a volunteer at some other centre (have car, will travel).

Today, I got a reminder that the local Green Party were meeting for lunch at the Stratton. So I went there (local, but never been inside before) and joined a group of people who again I'd never met before, and chatted, and came up with ideas, and generally networked. Again, no problems at all.

That's right, no problems. Not just problems, plus methods of handling those problems, but nothing there that needed handling. It wasn't the drugs covering it, either, I've been cutting down, and for the MIND meeting, I hadn't had any for three days.


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