Jan. 31st, 2015

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And it was worth it.
MIND - I was helping teach rather than being a pupil/consumer. Crochet, with the intention of producing scrunchies for sale on a craft stall. I then came up with a fall-back plan aka "first lesson" - spectacle "chains". A simple crochet chain in some attractive but smooth yarn, with a rubber fastener at each end. I'm rather glad I did, as only one of my beginners progressed beyond that. Still, one non-beginner has progressed to things she couldn't do before, and we have ideas on how to use the random granny squares she's already made, one lady who's always had problems with tension now knows how to solve them, and two have gone home bearing hooks, yarn, and either patterns or photos of how to hold the hook and yarn for best tension control.
Plans before next week include turning some very simple patterns into diagram format, as my non-beginner can't cope with a written pattern.

Four hours, with a break, and not *too* tired at the end of it. No shaking hands, no stuttering, no problems coping with people who aren't as fast in learning as I'm used to.

By the way, shout-out here to my mum and gran who made sure I was totally familiar with working with yarn from early childhood. It really does make a difference!

Evening was ukulele practice, and yet more evidence that they're a lovely welcoming bunch - I got there a little bit later than planned, and Brian had saved a seat for me! One song was simple enough that I was actually playing every chord, I caught on to some slightly more complex strumming patterns without too much trouble, and I'm getting there with the more complicated things. I can do all the chords, just not (yet) fast enough.
But two hours of intense concentration was too much. I was really struggling by the end, yawning all over the place. Well my therapist said that concentration is the first thing to go, with depression, and the last to come back. This is pushing me just up to my limits, and that's what I need.

So, Saturday, breakfast was toast, brunch I did manage to do properly by doing a recipe "by the book", laying out all ingredients before I start rather than grabbing and improvising as I go. Mid-afternoon, and I've sorted some emails and might even consider getting dressed. But basically, Saturday is devoted to recovering from Friday.


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