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 OED word of the day delivers again.

Etymology: <  Latin imbrifer ( <  imber a shower): see -ferous comb. form.
  Rain-bringing, showery.
1815  T. I. M. Forster Res. Atmosph. Phænom. (ed. 2) ii. 80 The imbriferous quality of the atmosphere.

Rare? The word, yes, the meaning, sadly not.

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I wanted a tomato to slice into a sandwich, so naturally, went outside to see if there were any left to harvest, and came back with a complete punnet. Picked some fresh lettuce while I was at it.
It's November, isn't it? Frost, gales, ice, slush.... fresh lettuce? No, it isn't in a greenhouse, just a pot on the patio. There's a lovely blue sky out there, and when I go into town later, I doubt if I'll bother with a coat.
Incidentally, this year's tomato success story is "Minibel". Cherry, "dwarf", and while reports of it being so small it'll work on a windowsill aren't true, it works nicely in a pot, either trailing or with a bit of support. Supposedly an ealry cropper - well, this is November, and it's still going.
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Little car gets traded in for New Little Car in January (New Car becomes available while we're away, so it'll be latish January before I get it). One thing they mentioned while valuing it was the state of the front tyres, and they're quite right. Legal, but.... not that I corner hard or anything, you understand.

Tyres for an Audi A2 are not cheap. I do NOT want to buy a pair for a car I'm about to sell, not when they won't increase the value.

Tuesday, right front tyre was observed to be soft to the point of saggy, and the gauge read 18, not 30. There's a difference... and its done this before. I'm keeping an eye on it, but a very slow puncture is a possibility.

The route I use to work is fun, scenic, and free of traffic. The last half is also ungritted in winter. Driving that on slicks, when the flooded bits freeze, is probably not a good idea.

Last night, it turned foggy. Patchy fog, but thick. Bits of that road were still safe to do 80 along (not that I would, I obey the 60 limit, naturally!), other bits had 5-yard visibility, with not much warning of the change. Little Car had front fog-lights once, but after too many Pyrric victories over pheasants, we stopped replacing them and just tidied up the bare holes.

The weather is not improving: this morning was very scenic heavy frost on trees and road, mist, and fine snow in places.

I'm beginning to think about taking the Wimp Route to and from work :(
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It's been cold all day. The first flurries of snow started an hour ago, but the Defender Wind dealt with that and it's turned to rain. Hope everyone's got their woodpiles stocked up?


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