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Yesterday was full of them!

Browsing the Lego site and online shop, I discovered that if you have the product code of any kit, the area for "there's a part missing" will list every part in that kit, with their code numbers. What's more, I discovered how much it costs to get a replacement part (nothing), how much they charge for postage (nothing), and how much proof they require that you really did buy a kit with a part missing (none). I'm going to assume they have mechanisms in place to stop this being abused, but I was impressed.

More browsing found me the "pick a brick" area, which was much more use once I'd figured out how to get those codes. Once you've found something vaguely like what you're after, you can look for the same thing in all colours, or everything else in that colour. Prices are usually a few pence per brick, and the postage is lower than most Ebay lego. OK, you can only get things that are currently being made (hardly surprising), so I won't get getting my Romans or Spartans here, but it's still an excellent service.

We'd decided to have a day out in Milton Keynes, and visit the Lego store there. They have a pick'n'mix wall that's potentially quite useful if the random assortment of items there matches what you want. They also have another area for making your own minifig - and on asking, no, it doesn't have to be one each of head, body, legs, headgear, accessory. The price for one minifig means five bits - any bits. If there's something you're after and can't find, they'll go and search the stockroom for you. So, my Lunar army is now fully equipped with red cloaks, the Vingans all have auburn hair, and there are scimitars and flagpoles, plus arrows and quivers for when I decide that Shooters would be a good idea.

T.G.I. Fridays for lunch. Starter was surprisingly delicious as well as virtuous, and something I may try to reproduce. Wedge Salad:
"Crisp iceberg wedge with Bleu cheese dressing, diced tomatoes, crispy bacon pieces and Bleu cheese crumbles", to quote their menu.
Mains: note for future reference, their ribs are wonderful! Loads of meat that falls off the bone.

On the way home, dropped into a farm shop I hadn't visited for ages: Summerhill, in Cardington. The plan was to investigate what they did in the way of turkeys, but we were picking up meat before we got that far. No, their list did not include a stuffed turkey leg, which is what we wanted: but they could do one, no problem. Discussion of number of people to be fed, and suitable sizes, followed. What we're after is four people, but more than just the turkey as a roast: beef and gammon as well. Did they do beef? The butcher started listed the breeds of cattle he could supply. I think I know where we're going for our Xmas meat - and from the look of what was there, also the veg.

I "need" to go back, anyway - if you have a recipe for sausage (who, me?) they'll give it a try, and if it works, you not only get a discount on buying some, you get some sort of claim to fame when it becomes a regular product. I'll have to look back to that sausage-making frenzy of a few years ago, it sounds as if some of my low-fat chicken ideas will be new to them.
After all that walking, today has consisted mostly of sitting down with my feet up, assembling and basing two Lego HOTT armies. There's a few minor details still to sort out, two of which are in the post from Ebay, but I very nearly have a Gloranthan matched pair ready to go.

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Still looking, planning, picking up cheap ones, but one thing has me puzzled. Look at the pictures of them with sword/spear and shield. They're mostly holding the shield in their right hand, weapon in the left. Why?

I'm also noticing that the cloaks, now I have a few, are simple pieces of paper/plastic/stiffened fabric, in quite a simple shape. I'll have to pick the material carefully, but I should be able to make those myself. Shield "transfers", for the Lunars, are on order - a pack of 13mm circular paper stickers, in red.

Just need some more red hair and a flying stand to turn up in the post.... Orlanthi and Lunar armies sorted, Undead well on the way, Praxian, Mostali and Troll got the first few...
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 We are not, either of us, much into Lego. Have been in the past, admire what can be done with it, but total Lego in the house, zero. Until, that is, I saw some minifigs on Biggleswade market and noticed that one of them (probably meant to represent some comic figure or other), was female, had armour and a sword, predominantly blue clothing, and a star on her forehead. It just had to happen, didn't it?
Unfortunately, her hair is brown, not red. I've taken a quick look online at the cost of obtaining some replacement hair, or an entire figure whose hair could be swapped, and winced. (I did notice a "warrior goddess" figure that looks a lot like Vega Goldbreath, though)
So, I mentioned to Dave that from now on, visits to car boot sales and charity shops should include a quick look for Lego minifigs.

Yesterday, we visited two charity shops, where he found and purchased... a Lego tank. He's sure it'll be useful for something. The only minifig included is
a) wearing a helmet
b) missing from the box.

But it's a tank.... and it's a kit....



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