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I was learning to walk using a crutch, after having the left leg amputated. It was easier than expected, because I'd lost a lot of weight (most of one leg, just for starters). So far, so not unreasonable, that'll probably happen one day.
One crutch, not two, and it was an under-arm job that looked like a forked branch had been hacked off a tree. I think it was out of an online game set in 1462.
I was wearing a black ballet shoe on the right foot. This was important.
This was happening in an expanded version of the kitchen in our old house in Stevenage, which for some reason was now on the 11th floor of Lister Hospital.

That was last night. A few nights ago, I was about to start some small and simple craft project, when I realised that before doing so, I had to enter it into two? three? request-for-service systems, document it as a change in two more, estimate time and materials taken in arbitrary and inappropriate units, and get it passed by a couple of committees, one of them only existing in the aforementioned on-line game. So I didn't bother, and woke up instead.

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Or at least, dreams I remember, and that may be significant.
Short flash where I was sitting talking to a bunch of complete strangers (a party?) and one of them commented on the new spectacle chain I'd made from colour-change loom-bands, because it had changed to a rather lovely glittery purple-pink. This is linked to reality - I made one yesterday and it totally failed to change colour.
Slightly longer - Dave and I were in a large shopping centre (or possibly huge airport?) His knees were playing up and he'd borrowed an electric wheelchair, mostly because it was there and he could. He was driving it much faster than I could keep up with. He went up a slope (why was there a slope in an indoor shopping centre, went so fast that he took off at the end, the wheelchair landed on its back and he hit his head on the ground and lay there unconscious and bleeding.  Dream ended as I came apart in hysterics. Link to reality? None that I know of - the only time Dave's managed to give himself concussion, I was in there and treating him so fast it nearly involved teleportation.

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I got woken up in the middle of it by an alarm I'd forgotten to cancel, and even so, most of the memory has faded since this morning. Back in the same location (holiday camp?) as last time. Included a group of us, some IET employees, some gamers, sitting round a "canteen" table apologising to each other for being unable to work "late" tonight, where "late" meant past 20:00, from home.
No, this does not reflect reality at work. Well, not in this job - it did to some extent in the last one.

Edit: remembered a bit more. At some point, wanting to go somewhere, I discovered that while walking was still slow and painful as in reality, the motions of running were sufficiently different that it didn't hurt at all - and I was fit enough that running the odd half-mile or so was easy and fun. The town/settlement I was running through turned out to be the main town centre from the Wii Fit universe, where I've done virtual running before. In reality, I haven't run like that since years and years back, when we were camping on Skye and I was running up and down mountains for the fun of it.

Two dreams in a row about stress at work, and my (lack of) mobility. This doesn't take much interpretation, does it?

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 Probably very meaningful of something, but I have no idea what. I was at a HOTT convention (I think - possibly mixed gaming) in what seems to have been a collection of seaside holiday cottages. I owed someone £22 for something, and could find the £20 but not the £2. Searching the handbag revealed a cellophane-sealed roll of gaming tokens that I remembered as being left over from a gambling place we'd been to on holiday. (Note - we have never been to a gambling place on holiday.) I was using some sort of electric wheelchair / mobility scooter that had to be parked on a shared drive and had trouble with pebbles or sand. It also had exactly the same gear-stick as Dave's car (in the dream - Dave's gear stick is nothing like that in RL).
I never did manage to find the £2, mainly because one of the project managers from work kept turning up and interrupting to tell me that it was important I found it in this Agile Sprint, and every time he did I had to start looking all over again.
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I seem to be having a lot of them lately. The last few have been about mundane but "normal" (by dream standard) things - walking up the High Street in Glastonbury and realising I'm in my nightdress, nothing more out of the ordinary than that. The only out-of-the ordinary thing has been when, in the dream, I think to myself "walking? hang on, where's the cast and the walking frame? I haven't forgotten and done weight-bearing, have I? oh, this must be a dream, I might as well wake up then." And do so.


May. 14th, 2013 06:54 am
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 I don't often remember my dreams, but I remember two from last night.
The final one was about making another veg-based soda bread - courgette and carrot this time, using carrots from a pre-prepared salad that chops them julienne, not fine enough for bread. Not all that interesting, though I may try that mix at some point.

The penultimate dream was about queueing to buy tickets for four for a show, and making the most of vouchers and specials deals to get them with minimum queueing. Pretty boring really, until I woke up and remembered what the show was. Wallace and Gromit, live.
Yes, live.
I'd pay quite a lot of money to see that for real.


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