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Sunday after Dave had gone to work, the builder who'd done our bricking up came round, all apologetic that he hadn't been in touch before. He looked at our dampcourse and the conservatory base he'd said was too close to it, he pointed out the damp that was creeping up our wall. Ouch. Other builders had been saying they could start in a few weeks. He said he could start tomorrow. Phoned Dave, arrranged times (Dave is on nights, so life gets complicated). He and Dave discussed things once Dave was home (6:30 am), he then came round at about 1pm to make loud noises. Monday evening when I got in, we no longer had a conservatory base, and the wall from the bed by the storeroom had gone.

Weigh-in Monday night - put on. No idea why. I'd been migrainy all day anyway, maybe I was dehydrated, and that always has weird effects. I skipped the exercise session, I'd done a lot Sunday and had more planned for Tuesday. Home, and ate, in depressed mode, which is no way to resist chocolate or pork scratchings.

Back home and refreshed, did some serious pruning of the Apothecary's Rose, ready for it to be potted tomorrow morning. Taller than me down to under 2 feet. No, this is not the right time of year to move a rose. The old roses like this one are tough, much tougher than the modern varieties, but even so... still, we have no choice. Thick gloves and long sleeves were essential, as was a very tough cardboard box for the rubbish (yes, roses have thorns), but I got there, and did a tidy job of pruning back dead bits, too. Two flowers left, in a vase.

Then, after planning an early night, got attacked by a story. And, at midnight, realised that it wasn't going to let me sleep until it was down on SD card, so grabbed a dressing-gown, switched the lap-top back on, and wrote it. Yes, it's another Kallyr story. And it's one of those where I seem to be taking dictation without fully understanding what's going on. As it stands, it's complete, the emotional hit is exactly where I want it, but some of the mundane details will need polish, because I'm pretty sure they're wrong. Finished at 3am and posted to Donald. Alarm went at 6. 3 hours sleep is not enough.

Tuesday morning once Dave was home: dig up and pot rose and rhubarb. In fact it rained and we got no builder, but at least my plants are safe, and the rhubarb decided to split, so I have a root for [livejournal.com profile] tattercoats to try again.

Then off to the doctor to get the results of my bloodtests. It seems that everything is boringly normal, and my blood pressure is down lower than we've seen it for years. Still need to get that liver scan done, though.

Tuesday evening - backswording. Peter had decided we needed some endurance training. Oh, joy. Lots and lots of running round the court outside. OK, so I kept getting lapped, but considering that back in May I was having real problems walking 100 yards and definitely couldn't run more than 10, five minutes alternating walking and jogging was pretty good. And I actually got to do some sparring at the end. Usual problem that by then my arm was so tired I was having trouble holding the cudgel, but at least I'm close enough to ambidextrous that I just kept swapping arms. Must remember to fly out after an attack, and not to lunge too deep. Trying out stop-thrusts as a counter, and they work nicely in free play, but in bouting, the top of the head is a difficult target.

Wednesday - evening off, Dave was on days, so home. And knackered (he's been working silly hours for far too long).

This is Thursday. Builder's back today, he and his son arrived just as I was leaving.

The assorted gears and motors and things for my BUA arrived yesterday. I assembled the gears this morning (not quite sure what ratio I'll need, but it's easy to adjust), then started to look at transferring the drive up the model. The pulleys supplied have 2mm or 4mm bore. The drive shaft from the gearbox is 3mm. Drat. And, that gearbox is not (quite) going to fit inside the dimensions I'd planned, given the base structure I'm using (an old plastic camping bowl). More drat. Checking the supplier's website from work, they don't seem to do ANY pulleys intended to fit a 3mm shaft, so how you're meant to make use of the end result is beyond me.

Plans for tonight: hug my husband.

Plans for Friday: LondonGlorantha pub-meet in the evening, so leave work on time if not sooner, drive home, change, grab books for Nick, grab husband, walk to station together. We won't be able to stay late, Dave's on 6:30 start again tomorrow, but at least we get there. Rick's over, and there's a new Indian to try out.

Plans for Saturday: go to see Anthony and Cleopatra at an open-air theatre at Tolethorpe, near Stamford, with Mel and mob and Chris. Just for fun, we're going in Elizabethan costume and having a period picnic (note to self, buy Tudor picnic at Sainsburys on the way up). Get there at 5, play starts at 8. I gather it's a "gala night", so we get entertained during the first three hours, but even so, I think I might drop in my new loom (yes, Tudor!) and some tablets and yarn. Driving back from Stamford late at night... I'd better catch up on my sleep... checks diary for when I can do that. Ah. Tonight.

Plans for Sunday: might go to an extra back-swording session, might not.


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