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janewilliams20 ([personal profile] janewilliams20) wrote2015-08-20 10:13 am

Note to self

Dear Me,
"I cannot do all of these things" does not mean "I cannot do any of these things". Especially when the only reason I can't do "all" is a shortage of hours in the day. Pick one thing you can do, do it, pick the next one, do it, and by the time you hit the "oh god I can't do that!" one, confidence may have returned. Or it'll be lunchtime. You can make lunch, right?
Also, that job application you're panicking about not being good enough for? It's only been up 23 hours. Plenty of time to deal with it.
Thing to remember: when the New Enterprise people reviewed your business plan and how much of it was already in operation, they were amazed at how much you'd already done, and done well. Drop your standards for productivity to only, say, three times human norm, OK?
Luv, Me.