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This is one of the three die-sets that make a "flipper" card, the others being Circle and Label. It just (only just!) fits in the normal BigShot, and produces a card size of 4¼" x 5½" from a piece of card 5½" square.
You also get a number of small dies to go with it
  • two more snowflakes, one 2½" across the diagonal and the other 1"
  • banner, 2" long and ½" high
  • heart, 1¼" across
  • Xmas tree (or simple arrow) 1½" each way excluding trunk. Smaller than that in the Festival Of Trees Photopolymer Bundle.
  • words: "Brr", "joy", "snow"
These all come mounted on a piece of cardboard, held down by sticky tape. A bit of a let-down - some magnetic sheet would have been a nice touch.

The main die does a nice job, including scoring the cardstock where the folds are needed.

The banner, heart, and tree are simple shapes, easy to use.

The snowflakes and words are more complex and delicate, and I'd suggest good quality card-stock. 100gsm worked well for me, but you do need to be sure of something that won't tear apart, and when cutting, keep the die near the centre of the cutting plate. The snowflakes would also be useful as a "negative" cut, but not the words.
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