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It's Spring. No need for a coat. And everything's been going right, pretty much.
Into town to pick up a prescription that I'd ordered by phone, yesterday. It was ready for me. I have no idea how, they must have bypassed all the usual procedure. Met a couple of friends from MIND, sat around in the sunshine and had a chat for a bit.
Off to Hitchin, where I had a little more trouble finding a parking spot, but the lady who was vacating the one I got also passed over her ticket, which ran for another hour and a half!
A rather lovely motor-trike parking up, and I stopped and admired and chatted to the owner.
Ducks, moorhens, geese etc. on the river, snowdrops in the churchyard.
A book faire.... well, it would be rude to resist, wouldn't it? Travel guides were down to £1 each. I now have a little guide book for each of half a dozen German cities.
David's Arts and Crafts had the black relief outliner I was getting for someone else, didn't have the white I wanted for myself, and didn't have the apple-green paint, but did have a set of six that included a chartreuse green that should do the job. Also gold.... and four other colours that I already had :(
Back through the market, picking up a freshly cooked Pad Thai and sitting by the river to eat it. Yes, lunch outside. It's spring!

Onward! I'd skipped visiting the Harkness Roses garden centre opposite the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living last time I was over there due to stress overload, but it sounded like a good place to look at greenhouses. It was, fairly - they had the wooden type I'd seen before, and other pretty things - and a full rack of vegetable seedlings, ready to go out! I'd wanted to get something into Poppy the Veg Trug, so picked up a tray of rainbow chard and another of mange-tout.

Home.... and Poppy has had the surviving lettuce moved to the front (how they got through the winter is beyond me, but they did) and chard put in the back, next to the fully-grown one from last year. The mange-tout are in a couple of the big round tubs, with climbing facilities ready for when they're a bit bigger. Yes, bought them and planted them the same day - I must have found my Round Tuit!

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