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Still not as much as I'd hoped, but not bad. Two chutneys got made, the mango and the BBQ sauce.
The Battle of the Herb Bed has had some refereeing, and as a result, the bay tree is a lot smaller and neater, with most of the lower branches removed to let smaller herbs have a chance. The Sage has likewise been chopped, and the Tansy both chopped and tied back. I want to leave the flowers going for as long as possible, the bees love them, but having something that size spreading all over the path had to be stopped.
So I now have tansy flowers in a vase in the kitchen, smelling lovely, and sage flowers looking elegant in the lounge.

Meanwhile, I'm reading up about diabetes, and blood sugar control. "Don't eat things that are high in sugar" is pretty simple, though learning what those are is more tricky. Which fruits are too high to risk was non-obvious, and I'm still trying to work out if bananas are good or bad.
Then there's Glycemic Index. Low GI Good, is the easy answer. Low GI being unprocessed slow release carbs, things like brown rice, and wholemeal bread, and... cake? Yes. Cake has a lower GI than any wholemeal bread. Some potatoes are more glycemic than glucose. As a useful number, it's about as good as BMI :(
There's another Magic Number called Insulin Index - the extent to which the food prompts the body to start making insulin. That's usually proportional to the carbs it gives you, but with some useful exceptions. Wikipedia is as far as I've got. but it's quite interesting
and this, which shows carrots with a higher GI than honey.
The banana conflict, by the way, is that while they're high in sugar, they're also a great source of potassium, and that's a Good Thing.

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