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Given a visiting friend plus the two of us, I'm dealing with gluten-free, diabetic, and my semi-lactose intolerance. So, hot cross buns, Easter Eggs, and eating out.
A hint to start with - Pizza Express do a gluten-free pizza base.
Another hint - the darker the chocolate, the lower the sugar content.
Roast lamb, with spuds and veg - not a problem, I just need to be a little careful what I thicken the gravy with.

But hot cross buns, gluten-free, and low sugar - that's hard. There's some recipes on-line, and I adapted from there.

http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2119644/glutenfree-hot-cross-buns and
http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/656017 are almost identical, and that's what I was working from in an attempt to get the gluten-free side right.

I wish I'd seen this earlier

I substituted Lactofree milk for the lactose-rich sort specified, and didn't expect that to make any difference.
I substituted Xylitol for the sugar.
I substituted low-fat spread for the butter.
I dropped the mixed peel completely, cut the sultanas down to 50g rather than 75, and doubled the quantity of apple.

First problem was a stubborn refusal to rise: that third link suggests that this is hard. In fact I think I'd fallen foul of the usual problem of yeast cookery: finding a "warm" spot that's warm enough, without killing the yeast. I'd thought next to the radiator was good enough, and it wasn't.
Next problem, as I mixed in the fruit and spices, was that the dough holds an all-time record for being the stickiest I've ever met.
Second rise worked better: for future reference, I was using my top oven at 220 to cook something else, and put the tray full of buns on the bottom shelf of the bottom oven.
The crosses were a pain due to lack of piping bag, but also because by now it was gone midnight.

This made 12 buns: I've worked out the nutritional values, and it's only 8.7% sugar, which is a lot better than commercial buns. Their idea of "healthy" tends to concentrate on low-fat rather than low-sugar. This is 6% fat, which isn't too bad.
Weight watcher points: 6 each. Same as WW own recipe for "normal" buns. Sainsbury's healthy ones come out at 5. I could improve this by using semi-skimmed milk instead of whole (Dave did the shopping) and cutting down on the fat: not just low-fat, but less of it.

Photos to come later.

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