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After Saturday's early-morning army construction, up to Wisbech for the Four and Twenty Blackbirds AGM, which was more fun than it sounds.(things to do with that lot usually are). We'd considered eating out somewhere on the way back, but were so stuffed on the "few little nibbles" that we didn't bother. Did investigate the new Tescos at Sandy, though, and buy lots of fun things at reduced price, including some cheap diced lamb.

So, Sunday, finally managed to sleep in until gone 7! Nine whole hours! Plans for the day had included finishing off the Spider Army, but I haven't got round to it yet. What I have done is make kedgeree for breakfast,  Lancashire Hot Pot from that lamb for lunch (and it was great! the suggestions of adding more bits like Black Pudding would just spoil it IMO), another crustless quiche for breakfasts next week (broccoli and blue cheese, this time), some jacket spuds for reheating later in the week, and there are beetroot roasting at the moment. In non-oevn things, the slightly dodgy cucumber has been trimmed and turned itno a cucumber and dill salad. The kitchen is tidy (what?) Dave has mowed the lawn for what will presumably be the last time this year.

Again, we have vouchers to use for eating out, but don't feel like doing so.

The other planned activity for this weekend was more PHP coding. Again, haven't got round to it yet.


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