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Nothing very exciting, from anyone else's point of view, but I thought I'd better let you all know I'm still around.

We've had those Deadline things in work again, one of them firmly hit over the head by me pulling an all-nighter Monday/Tuesday to do a data load. For some reason, I've been a bit quiet for the rest of the week - I don't recover from those as fast as I used to. Must be getting old :(

Further evidence of me getting old was found by the optician yesterday. My far vision has stayed about the same (lousy), but my near vision has deteriorated quite a lot since the last test. So, with all deals in place, that's a new pair of varifocals, with reacto-light, another pair with Polaroid for use when driving and in very strong sun (reacto-light don't work in cars, it seems), and a pair of what they refer to as "reading glasses" but I think of as "figure painting glasses". Even with a buy-one-get-one-free, that came to rather a lot of money. Still, it has to happen. If I can't see, I can't do anything much.

We were supposed to be having friends staying this weekend, but they've cancelled due to illness :( Too much of that going on. Still, it's left us with a quiet weekend where we can catch up on sleep and Get Things Done.

The lawn has been mowed. The patio, front flower-bed, and front white gravel, have been weeded. I now have six different types of tomatoes to look forward to, and am considering an extra - any tomato that promises to be able to live in a pot on a windowsill sounds like a good idea to me. Bird-feeders have been refilled. I have aches in places where I wasn't sure I had places....

Lunch at the Old Maltings was as good as ever.

My favourite pair of linen trousers will have to be retired, partly because they've worn out, and partly because the extent to which the draw-string has to pull the waist in to get them to stay up has become ridiculous :)

Some neighbours decided that since it was a sunny day, they'd play very loud reggae music in their garden, loud enough that we had no chance of listening to anything we'd prefer anywhere in the house if we wanted any windows open. Thank you so much... so we went to Homebase for a few things, impulse-bought a hanging basket full of strawberry plants, and a hook to hang it from. Dave found the power drill and created enough holes in the brick wall to attach the hook. Music stopped, defeated. We'll have to remember that for future reference, though there's a limit to the number of holes in walls we need.

Tomorrow, plans involve a car boot sale (gentle exercise), and another data upload to run - this one shouldn't take too long, though. I also need to do some Gloranthan development work, planning a Valind who's a Humakt subcult (North Wind), and how that links in to our existing Herewardi myths. Then we can do a quick initiation HQ, thus finishing the induction of a new PC, before carrying on with the plot.

Starting Easter, we get a Holiday. Another of those where we book the ferry across the Channel, book a ferry back two weeks later, and wander more or less at random in between. Not quite as much at random as it's been at times, we have arrangements to stay with two lots of friends in France, but after that, we may plan to aim for Italian Alps, but who knows? After the time when we planned to stick to France, and accidentally got there via Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland, I know how much our advance planning is worth :)

When we get back, I will no longer be working in Hitchin. No, same job, it's OK, but the firm, what with all this expansion, is moving us to new offices in Stevenage. Should be fun, and the move to air-conditionaing will be just in time - I love working in a medieval building, even with all the fun of finding rawl-plugs that work in a wattle&daub wall, but it did get rather hot last summer.


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