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Got up to find Rain. Drat. Pulled plants out of car and put them on the patio table, so at least they can get rained on. Dithered around the house for a bit, then... phone went. I'd been intending to meet up with Chris at some point so he could return more of the bits he borrowed for the revel, get some of his paints back, and hand me some spare 20mm plastic bases. He'd originally suggested meeting at a school fete (very exciting), and now had a better idea. Baldock medieval market. That was all he knew about it - no location, no time, no nothing. Still, it sounded like more fun than doing the washing.

Got down there, found the market in the main street. Found somewhere to park (good job Dave is good at reversing). Walked back, spotted Chris at first stall - the one covered in swords and armour. Dave took bits back to the car while we drooled over pretty swords (and I still don't believe the zwei-hander was 13lbs. More like 6.) Onward, past the nylon kiddie-garb and the wooden swords, to the plants. Herbs and veg seedlings. Nothing remotely medieval, not much labelled, lots of Interesting! So I got two runner beans (not that interesting), two land cress (and lot like watercress only less water involved), a Chinese Celery, and a Japanese green salald/stir-fry thing that's apparently related to chrysanthmums. For a pound each.

Onward some more - more plants. This time I picked up two Globe Artichokes. All plants here were 30p, except these were 10p each for some reason. I argued really hard...

Wandered around Baldock exploring antique shops for a bit, then Hitchin via a pub (the Millstream) for lunch. Got a drop-plate so the trailer will tow properly instead of being nose-up. And home, via another antique shop in Henlow where we found a cute little paraffin lamp that'll be great as a bedsite lamp in the tent, and a bone-backed clothes brush.

By the time we got home it was tipping down again, so planting out was delayed. I sorted out some wargames figures, made some soup for tea (lettuce pea and mint, Sainsburys mag recipe) and then it finally dried up.

Both of us out to the garden, Dave dug out the remains of the sorrel (it spreads, and I rarely use it), we added the contents of a Growbag plus Growmore, dug it all in, and planted things. Got it done just before it went too dark to see what we were doing. I'll do some pics tomorrow, if rain doesn't stop me.

I did! Follow link to see notes - every plant is labelled.
The veg patch after enthusiastic planting

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