May. 5th, 2015

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Well, maybe not the next to start, or to finish, but the next to look into. I need teaching qualifications, but I also need something at "level 3" in the subject I intend to teach. Which is crafts (but not art) in general, particularly those that the student can carry on with without needing expensive equipment.

On advice from the WEA tutor I'm learning from at the moment, it'll be a City & Guilds Creative Techniques (7113).
It's a modular course, so I can pick and choose to some extent, assuming I can find places that teach the module I want. Some will be simple proof that yes, I can do this, others will improve my knowledge, one or two will be picked just because I'm pretty sure I can whizz through them in no time (web site design?), and one or two look like incredibly useful information about how to run a small craft business.
It seems that a lot can be done as distance learning, or even completely online, which will make life far easier.

Space2Create look like good people, aiming at doing exactly what I want.
WSTA do some distance learning courses - textiles and embroidery. Possibly a little more specialist than I'd want, but well worth a look.


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