Jan. 14th, 2015

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Diabetes check-up this morning. The blood test they did two weeks back says that I'm well-controlled, so that's good. Cholesterol's a bit high, though, and after discussion, we're putting that down to the Cheese. Need to keep an eye on it, though. Any higher and I go on statins, and I'm already on quite enough drugs that argue with each other, thank you. Potassium also looked a bit high, but since there are apparently reasons why tests can get that wrong, she's taken another sample. In the meantime, I shouldn't eat too many bananas.
Measuring other things, it seems that my weight hasn't gone up over Xmas, though as usual could do with going down. BP is back down to my "normal" 130/80-ish.

So, having been courteous to other health centre users and getting some exercise by parking in Aldi and walking, I went shopping. Aldi, and a couple of charity shops, coming back to the car with a load of fresh veg, a collection of zero-sugar biscuits, a Lean Mean Grilling machine, and a diabetes cook book.


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