Jan. 2nd, 2015

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I'd forgotten how much fun music as a group can be. I want more of that.

The friend who'd invited me to go along to the Sandy Ukulele group forgot to bring me a spare one to borrow, but I still had a fun two hours, mostly singing, and occasionally borrowing her uke so as to join in whenever the C chord was required. Went home with a sore throat, but still singing in the car.

I now have a ukulele tuner installed on my phone, have taken advice, done some web-browsing, and expect to spend tomorrow afternoon at a shop in Bedford purchasing a ukulele. Next week, I should be able to join in with more than just a C (though probably not take part in the concert on the Saturday). Even uke-less, it seems my contribution was appreciated - one more voice, and in an almost-all-male group, a useful one. I may not be a soprano, but I'm an octave or so closer to it than most, and when we're invited to do the high bit in "Edelweiss", yes, it's in my range - just.


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