Oct. 22nd, 2013

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I expect better reporting from the Guardian than this :(
"Is this the stomach-turning truth about what the Neanderthals ate?"
Nothing stomach-turning about it, for one thing.

The previous theory, that Neanderthals had been vegetarian, has had a setback. But the way it's described...
"These were not brainless carnivores, in other words. These were smart and sensitive people capable of providing themselves with balanced diets and of treating themselves with health-restoring herbs..."
Since when has being a carnivore meant being brainless? What's "sensitive" about eating plants?

It seems that "There are other, equally valid but decidedly more grizzly explanations to account for those microscopic fragments of herbs and plants found in Neanderthal teeth" Grizzly? Were they eating bears, or grey hair? Or is the Grauniad living down to its reputation?

The actual article is quite interesting, the comments are mainly intelligent, and it does give a link to the relevant paper, but the silly emotional baggage that comes with it... oh dear.

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For a while now, there's been a tendency for F2F Rpers to have a netbook, or tablet, or smartphone with them at the table. It's easier than carrying a ton of books, and easier to search than the dead-tree version, too.
Since the thing's there, it can also have a dice-rolling app - saves forgetting your dice, or having them roll under the table, or accusations of cheating.

And now there's this. It's a D6, and it'll cost you a penny under £35. Why? Because it'll link by Bluetooth to your smart device of choice. The numbers light up. It'll act and feel just like a traditional "dice" (no, get it right, the singular is DIE)  for 20 hours, until it needs recharging via its micr-USB port - but costs about £34.50 more.

Why? Why not just use a D6?

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 It got slow-cooked with wine and celery and carrots, and then had the bones and big bits of fat removed, and left to cool overnight. I then removed the fat that had congealed at the top, and was surprised to find that the rest had jellified to the point of needing to be removed from the pot with a knife rather than a spoon. Of course, you boil bones for hours, this is what happens, I shouldn't have been surprised. Just had some with a jacket spud and some cabbage, and it was very nice.


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