Apr. 11th, 2010

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Friday, Dave phoned me in the morning to say he'd be working later than expected, was pissed off with life, and would like to spend the evening sitting on the patio with a bottle of white wine. I looked at the weather, and what was in the fridge. He got to have a three-course dinner on the patio, complete with white wine in a chiller and the freshest possible salad: the lettuce is growing right there on the table, pick what you want.

Saturday, we hit the garden. We weeded the front border, and put more spring bulbs in the gaps between the daffs (then took some pics of flowers).
Daff borderDaff macroPansy

We managed, for the first time, to hang washing on the whirligig rather than indoors.
We went and got a growbag and a mini-greenhouse designed to sit over it, assembled it, and found it to be a perfect fit next to the existing mini-greenhouse (with shelves, more suited to the seedlings and aforementioned lettuce).
My herb bed has been tidied, and a Big Pot planted with the things that can't go in there: prostrate rosemary (because the main bed seems to have got Kill-all-rosemary-itis), two sorts of mint, and some oregano to act as "ground cover".
Herb pot
Main hedge has been trimmed, and the end tree (dead) cut out.
We saw butterflies!
Tortoisehsell on daisy
The various bird feeders have been refilled.

We then ate the lamb stew that had been simmering in the slow cooker, and pulled out some bits to go on the BBQ on Sunday.

Sunday, up early, but going "ow, bits of me hurt, we did a lot yesterday didn't we?" Went round the local car boot sale, paying next to nothing for various useful things - then realised that the weather, while still dry and sunny, was now too cold for a BBQ.

So, Spring now seems to be over, having lasted about 36 hours.

Incidentally, one of the things I picked up for "not much" was a Borrowers omnibus. I'd loved those books as a kid, found a scruffy paperback copy of one recently, and been hoping to find others, so getting the whole lot as a non-scruffy hardback was great. Yes, I did finish reading it before lunch.


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